Arholma – Landsort: A Fastest Known Time (#FKT) swimrun adventure

The Challenge:

Carrying all athletic equipment from start to end, in tough terrain, the Ultraswimrun team will swim and run the entirety of Stockholm archipelago, 200k, in five days.

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The Distance:

Total distance 200k, of which approximately 30k open-water swimming and 170k trail running.

Legs (in meters)

1: Arholma – Furusund: run 31 000 m, swim 3 800

2: Fursund – Möja: run 32 000, swim 8 000

3: Möja – Mörtöklobb: run 40 000, swim 5 200

4: Mörtöklobb – Nåttarö: run 42 000, swim 5 000

5: Nåtarö- Landsort: run 23 000, swim 9 000


The Geography:

Arholma – Landsort is the often used north –south geographical definition of the unique Stockholm archipelago consisting of 24,000 islands and islets. The expression Arholma – Landsort is used to point to the extensiveness of the archipelago and are used for nautical charts, books, sea weather reports and as soon as last week when Waxholmsbolaget inaugurated their long-dreamed for line connecting the entire archipelago from North to South.

The Sport:

As an initially Swedish phenomenon, Swimrun is quickly growing in popularity, expanding from its native borders into other Scandinavian and central Europe countries. Maturing from the first challenge and race ÖtillÖ (link) the number of races has exploded the last couple of years and the equipment and rules of swimrun are becoming increasingly more defined.

The Purpose:

We are challenging ourselves to run and swim the entirety of Stockholm archipelago. Also, as swimrun is maturing, we as swimrun lovers and adventure team wanted to challenge ourselves on the entirety of the Stockholm archipelago. We also wanted a form to develop Swimrun in a complementary and alternative direction, where we instead of racing a certain course on time, challenge our stamina and exercise off-trail, open-water as close to nature as possible. Follow our swimrun adventure on

Inspiration & Fastest Known Time (#FKT)

We hope to maintain and develop the adventurism of swimrunning by inspiring others with our five day archipelago adventure. By sharing our experience through our site, blog and platform, Ultraswimrun, we want to challenge other athletes and adventurers to explore further. We also aim to introduce the concept of fastest known time (FKT) to the swimrunning community.

To us, Fastest Known Time is when you inspire others to beat the fastest known time on a point A-to-B distance. It is not about mimicking someone else’s specific route but rather to challenge yourself to beat the fastest known time between two points, either by going faster or smarter.

Followers are uploading their Garmin/Suunto/Polar/Endomundo files under our point A-B menus to inspire others to find better routes and beat them. By uploading Arholma – Landsort, we are documenting five FKTs (the legs) as well as establishing the Fastest Known Time to swimrunning between Arholma – Landsort.

The rules:

No mainland (Rådmansö considered island, Värmdö & Ingarö considered mainland).

All athletic gear to be carried (like swimrun rules)

Assistance with food and tents at checkpoints are allowed

Gear to be tested do not have to be carried all the way, but are interchanged at checkpoints

The team:

We are a very diverse team of athletes, professionals and adventurers with very different strengths and backgrounds.

Read more about us here:

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