It is over! (For this time :))

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Ever since the idea of swimming and running through the length of Stockholm Archipelago popped into our heads, the challenge and this new way of adventure swimrunning, has been on our minds. We started drafting the route
already in July 2014, and going through all the crazy ideas we had, everything finally matured into the #FKT Swimrun Concept, and the Arholma-Landsort Swimrun Adventure Challenge

In a way, it feels a bit empty now that the anticipation is gone, but the fantastic memories from the adventure make up for it by far. We have loved every moment of planning and developing the #FKT concept and merging the team together.

We encountered many and fun challenges on our journey navigating through this uncharted swimrun terrain and most often we had to break new swimrun-ground.

We, the Ultraswimrun team,
managed to swim and run 160 km between and across a huge number of islands (we’re still analyzing our data), many of them uninhabited and more or less untouched. We ran and swam through strong wind, hot sun and clear moonlight, thunder and heavy rain. Through tough rocky terrain, across soft meadows, dark forests, desolate places and peoples gardens  😀 , through shallow waters and rough sea, which took us all the way from Arholma down to Mörtö-Bunsö, in just four days. 
We had close
encounters with cows, sheep, fox, seals, eagles, ravens, donkeys and to our surprise, ostriches!. We had good food, not so good food and no food at all (when we lost communication with our support boat). We had splinters, burns, cuts, sore knees, heals, shoulders and tics trying to bite, but still lots of energy every morning. 
We had to navigate several big water-ways, densely populated islands and each night, trying to find an ideal spot for out camp, not really knowing where we would end up.


In the coming weeks we will analyze all our data and write a more detailed blog post on each of the segments of our #FKT swimrun adventure, which we will do again, since we can’t think of a better way to experience the Stockholm archipelago, every meter of it.

We hope you will follow us during our next attempt on this Arholma-Landsort 200 km challenge, where we will take a slightly different route. Or who knows, maybe even join us?  

And if you’re not up for an ultraswimrun, perhaps you wanna hook up with one of our one-day FKT swimrun adventures, because hey…, the challenge is still out there 😉


/The Ultraswimrun Team

See you out there

P.S – Thanks to the great help of Marcus Aicardi who drove the support boat helping us avoid being run over by speedboats, ferries and cruise ships!
And a big thank you to the team members and all those who helped us along the way, including Enervite who supplied us with endurance energy. But also all those people we met along the way, that greeted us with that funny sort of smile, not really knowing how to address us within the context of the meeting. Most of the time, us coming running along their way dressed in wet suits, holding a map and compass, asking for the fastest and smartest way to cut through the island. A bit odd but in a way, quite funny (especially that one time we decided to ask an old lady for directions with a Russian-English accent 🙂 ). 

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