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Today we are happy to announce the launch of the global swimrun community World of Swimrun (WoS). Here you will find everything there is to know about swimrunning.

Plan your race

Have a look at the best race overview there is. Scout your next race on our world map. Plan your races in detail with the help of our race statistics and schedule using our comprehensive calendar. Racing has never been easier. If this is not enough for you to decide, then read about our own experiences from different races in our much appreciated race reports.

The World Swimrun Race Calendar

Beginner or advance level swimrunner?

New to swimrun? No worries. Check out our beginners corner, where we go through the basics including how to train, by yourself and with your race partner. Been around a while and looking to develop your swimrunning? Then have a look at our more advanced training and equipment sections. Here we go through the positives and negatives of each segment of swimrun training and racing, as well as what equipment to use in which race. The WoS team tests and evaluates new swimrun equipment on a regular basis and as researchers, we also keep an eye on the scientific side of swimrun.

The Forum

Do you have a question or a topic you feel like discussing, or just want to hang out with other swimrunners, then our forum is the best place for you. Here swimrunners discuss the ins- and outs of swimrunning. Our moderators have vast experience in swimrun racing and adventuring and can help out if you have a question. Don’t forget to check out the race partner finder section, who knows, you might be going abroad to race with a new friend?

The number of races keep growing

We are also happy to announce that we today we count over 118 known swimrun races around the world. When we started counting in August 2015, we were at 54. With races on 4 continents and 17 countries, we’re happy to see Australia and Armenia planning their 1st, and the USA their second round. no of races per yearThe bulk of the races are still found back in Sweden, but given the fast development, we believe swimrunners soon can swimrun all year around, and all over the world. For 2016, most races take place during summer, specifically in July, a busy month for the dedicated swimrunner. Check out our calendar for specific dates. no of races per month

In our detailed race overview you can browse each race from a range of different options check out the different levels of swimrunning or why not try your luck in any of the world series? For each race we provide data on swimrun Level and which  Series it belongs to. To help your planning we  provide info on the Day & Date, which Country and the Closest big city for the race. Also, the Cost per team and the specific Race Location. Different races suit people differently, why we provide information on the Course layout, its Topography, Total, swim- & Run distances, Swim share, Longest Swim and Run, and the Average km per run. 

WoS Map

As if this is not enough, we also provide data on the race setting i.e. if you run on Tarmac, Dirt/ Gravel, Single-track, Off-trail non-tech/ beach, Off-trail technical and if you swim in Protected inland, Less protected inland, Protected sea/ archipelago or Open sea exposure. We even give a short one-sentence description of the race.

WoS is always open and you’re welcome to drop in at any time. We want to hear about your race stories and swimrun adventures, your opinions on all aspects of swimrunning, and your ideas for new ones. Our sport is still young, and by joining in on WoS, you are helping shape its future.

Nic, Fix, Fred & Anders

/The WoS Team

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