The Italian national swimrun series!

The swimrunning sport is under strong expansion in the world right now and new races are announced each month. Just recently, Italy announced the launch of a full swimrun series, with 10 races taking place in 8 different regions this summer. Planning a vacation in Italy has never been easier.

First out is Amphibianman Grado, a 12 km individual sprint swimrun race held in May. The second race, Conero, in Acona is held in June, as is the third, Elba, in Isola D’Elba. In Elba you can choose between 2 distances, 15 km sprint and 30 km regular. Both races are individual swimrun type-races. The fourth race, Idro, at the end of June,  is held in Lake Idro close to Verona. A 25 km individual swimrun race.

In the beginning of July the swimrun series takes us to Venice after which Lake Varano hosts 2 races, number 7 and 8, a 19 km long and a sprint swimrun race of 9 km, both individual races. The only team swimrun race in Italy at the moment, the ninth, Swimrun Bologna, takes place in August, in Parco dei Laghi, and stretches 25 km long.

Each of these events serves as regional championships and as qualifiers for the main event, the 28 km Aquaticrunner Xtrim Border Lagoon Italian championship, held in Grado, Ligano on the 10th of September, 2016.

To read more about these races and see the dates for registration, have a look in our world swimrun event calendar and race map at

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