Denmark expands with 6 new swimrun races, welcome Copenhagen swimrun cup!

The latest edition to the swimrun scene is the Copenhagen Swimrun Cup. This is its first edition, consisting of 3 swimrun events in and around the capital of Denmark.


The event takes place in different urban settings where the 1st race is located to the south harbour inside the city, meaning that you will swimrun race
in the city channel, close to a range of communication options. The 2nd, a beach race, takes place only a 10 minute bike ride from the city centre at the Swimrun cup Copenhagenpopular Amager Strandpark. Amager which is known for hosting the Copenhagen Ironman. The 3rd race takes place in the outskirts of the city center at the popular Sonderso lake, only a short drive away.
It’s possible to choose between two distances at each event; super sprint or sprint, with the shortest race stretching 4 km and the longest 15 km. The cup is based on a point system, favoring those participating in all 3 events, but it’s possible to participate in any single race. You compete in 3 different age classes and men and women. All racing partakes on an individual basis.

The continued development of urban swimrun racing showcases a strong and widening expansion of the sport, bringing it closer to those without the archipelago type environment.

Summer vacation in the beautiful city of Copenhagen just got more exciting. After the race you head over to the famous Nyhavn for an after swimrun beer!

To read more about these races, check out our world swimrun map & calendar. You can also discuss all the aspects on these races and much more in our swimrun forum.

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