Welcome Åland swimrun, a true archipelago swimrun race.

Åland is an autonomous region of Finland that consists of an archipelago lying at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea. Åland has nearly 300 habitable islands, of which about eighty are inhabited. The remainder consists of some impressive 6,000 skerries and desolate rocks, making this a perfect setting for a tough archipelago type swimrun race.

This year Åland will host 2 swimrun races, one sprint over 14 km and one longer and more tough, stretching over 40 swimrun ålandkm. The latter takes place in the outer archipelago, starting in Havsvidden in the north, taking the racers down to Käringsund in Eckerö in the west. If the winds are unfavorable, you can expect a really tough race with strong and choppy sea conditions. The sprint will take place around Käringsund.

To get to Åland and the main city of Mariehamn, most Scandinavians prefer to take any of the big ferries trafficking Sweden – Finland. The setup is perfect. You take the day-boat over to Åland and get to see the impressive Swedish and Finnish archipelago while relaxing in the spa or sauna. The day after, you race and in the evening you catch the evening boat back, just in time for an after-swimrun aperitif in one of the many bars, before hitting the (in)famous buffet and the subsequent all-night party.

The details regarding the races are currently being finalized so stay tuned for more info.

/The WoS Team

One thought on “Welcome Åland swimrun, a true archipelago swimrun race.

  1. And, if you´re not in a hurry to leave this beautiful island we suggest that you stay a little bit longer. After the race you can enjoy the sauna at Käringsund Resort & Conference, and in the evening also attend a Åland Swimrun- dinnerparty.
    The ferry comes and goes several times per day so you can go back on Sunday! 😉
    More info about all this is also coming soon!

    As a tip, the same weekend the traditional and popular Åland Harvest is arranged. It starts on Friday so you can then have a cozy tour to open farms around the island…and prepare yourself for a totally different tour on Saturday! 😉

    We welcome you all Åland and the first Åland Swimrun- event!

    Ia Colérus

    Project Manager for Åland Swimrun

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