Swimrunning in Spain – a dream come through.

We love Spain.

It’s beautiful, people are friendly, the food is good and the weather is perfect for some pre and post ‘Nordic-season’ swimrunning. Extend the short summer by taking a trip down to Barcelona, it will be a treat!

We have already been blessed with the (pre-) season Costa Brava arrangement, north of Barcelona, providing 4 very different types of swimrun races, two sprints (12 km, and 21 km), the regular type (42 we love Spain_nkkm) and their ultra 76 km). And don’t be fooled, these races will be tough in many ways, especially the ascent in the longer races. Lactic acid and heat-apoplexy won’t be far away!

If you can’t get enough of the milieu, which makes total sense, there is the option of coming back in late November, for the urban Barcelona Swimrun. They will host 3 exciting races, 2 sprints (12 km and 21, 5 km) and 1 regular (33 km).

The Costa Brava arrangement will treat us to a whole weekend of swimrun events, hosting the world’s 1st ever swimrun market. The day before racing, they plan to host some 30 exhibitors where you can have a look at new gear, talk to different brands and mingle with other swimrunners. The market is located to the Place d’Europa Square, in Platja d’Aro, the commercial heart of the city.

We are planning to go there, are you?

/The WoS Team

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