Introducing air and water temperature for swimrun races around the world

As you might have noticed, our race database contains lots of info on each race. It’s an awesome tool for hand-picking the race that will suit your ambitions.

Previously we’ve explained what race categories that you can choose from, as well as the ever so important swim ratio for a race. These two are a good start in narrowing down the choice of a race that will fit your ability as a swimrunner.

Another important factor is the weather. If you travel to a new location, you’ll probably want to have a good idea on what to expect in terms of water and air temperature. Having a rough understanding of this will not only help you train for the event, but to choose the appropriate gear.

So, for the sake of argument, let’s say you’re doing a sprint swimrun, with a low swim ratio, with an expected race time of 1-2 hour. For this race you can probably manage with a short wet suit (a.k.a a shorty). Unless it’s Utö sprint swimrun in the outer Stockholm archipelago in May (expected temperatures: Air ≈ 13,3°C & Water ≈ 5,3°C). Then you probably should reconsider that choice of wetsuit, or at least wait for the latest ice report 🙂 . The same goes for doing e.g. the Cote Vermeille long swimrun race in June, where one would consider using a shorty, or perhaps only a pair of neoprene shorts and a race west (expected temperatures: Air ≈ 27°C & Water ≈ 19,6°C).

Easier said than done right?

Making this informed choice will of course require access to a lot of weather info, but finding this can be a bit tricky for many races. This is especially important if you are about to buy yourself an expensive wetsuit pre-season since not all of us have the luxury of having several set-ups at home.

Today we launch our data on the expected water and air temperature for the majority of the world races. You will find this data available in both our calendar and world race map, (credit Mic-O-Matic for the idea).

air and water temp


Do remember that these are averages drawn from historically registered temperatures. Sure, from a huge amount of data, but nevertheless averages. To get in-depth weather info on a race we suggest you drop a line in our race forum to one of our local members. They’ll give you the ins- and outs of the race, for sure. Good luck and enjoy!

/The WoS Team

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