Are swimrun goggles becoming obsolete?

GEARWe’ve all been there. The day before race-day sitting with our gear spread out on the floor thinking:

– Should i bring this or not. Is the water going to be cold? The sun is out, maybe I should take the shorty…

But one thing we rarely question is the goggles. Are they really necessary? Of course, they do serve a purpose, but while running they are just in the way. And while performing the ins and outs, they can become a real hassle. To tackle this some racers prefer transparent ones, keeping them on while running shorter stretches, but only a few swim without.

Given that there are plenty of sprint races to choose from, with a low swim ratio. One could question the necessity of using goggles.goggles

We believe that more and more people will stop. What do you think? Should they be part of the mandatory gear requirement or not?

Voice your opinion in the ongoing discussion in our race and training forum for swimrunners.

/The WoS Team


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