3 weeks left until the European season starts!

costabrava 201613 weeks left.

Then the European swimrun season kicks off with the Costa Brava swimrun races. The US was 1st out with their California race. It was a wet affair as we were told earlier. Costa Brava will host a race in each of the 4 race categories. They are the second to host an ultraswimrun  joining up with the legendary 250 km Stockholm Archipelago Ultra Distance (SAUC) challenge. 

We are exited! It’s going to be awesome. And we’ve heard that they’ve had excellent Swedish help in designing this event 🙂 

It’s especially interesting, not only for probably having the coolest swimrun website out there, but that there are a lot of happenings going on at the same time. Not only will you have the option to choose from 4 races, but there will also be a “swimrun market” available. This will be the place to go to see all the new gear show-cased by the sports companies. There will also be technical speeches, nutritional workshops, sport material presentations and shows and so on, including games for the little ones of the family.

… A true fiesta

The courses look really tough with step climbs in a mountainous area. Don’t be fooled, these races will be tough in many ways, especially the ascent in the longer races. Lactic acid and heat-apoplexy won’t be far away!

Below you’ll find some quick stats for each race, stats also available in our race map.

Good luck, and may the waves be with you 🙂

/The WoS Team

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costabrava 2016


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