Swimrun in Peyrolles, France

Peyrolles 2016 flyerPeyrolles will host a new race on the 18th June 2016. This sunny and warm area of Provence in South-East France is crossed by the Durance river coming down from the Alps, and it forms in Peyrolles a lake, providing a natural setting for a sprint swimrun with 2.1 km swim and 9.4 km run. The organisers are a triathlon club and some extremely experienced persons in sport organisation, guarantee of a smooth operation. This race is aimed to introduce people to swimrun with a very inclusive atmosphere. Starting in the evening, the race will offer the classic women, men and mixed categories, but also ‘Corporation’ to race with like-minded colleagues and ‘young’ for those born between 2000 and 1997, a nice innovation to bring young blood to the sport. Finally races for kids will also take place. A perfect setting for a nice family break in Provence!

Renseignements : swimruninpeyrolles@orange.fr


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