Stockholm follows Copenhagen with a capital swimrun cup

Is this the latest trend in swimrun racing?

This continued development of urban swimrun racing showcases the strong and widening expansion of the sport, bringing it closer to the competitors. stockholm cup

This summer, our friends at TRISPOT will host a capital swimrun cup (the second in the world), in and around the city center. Five races have been announced, 2 in the city center and 3 along the coast closer to the archipelago. The 1st race will take place in early May.

In-depth details are yet to follow, but we are sure that it will be fun to follow this series both as a spectator and as a racer, moving around the Stockholm swimrun scene. All races are located to beautiful settings and easily accessed by public transport.

For those of you planning a summer trip to Stockholm, make sure to plan your vacation in accordance with the dates, which you as usual can find in our calendar and race map. Summer vacation in the beautiful city of Stockholm has taken a turn for the better.

Or… if you just want to swimrun-explore Stockholm instead of racing, check out this cool thing a bird has told us about. We are excited to see what it will bring.


/The WoS Team


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