Interview with Swimrun Australia

Hi Caroline and thanks for taking the time to talk to us at World of Swimrun. We’re working on promoting swimrun around the world and would like to hear a bit about the upcoming SR-Australia event.

What is Swimrun Australia and how would you as a race organiser describe it to a newcomer

– It is a great event in an iconic location. Athletes will get to experience the sport of swimrun over a great course and can expect a unique race experience as they push themselves and team-mate over this challenging course.

It’s your 1st time doing this. Where did the idea for the race come from?

– There have been races similar to this around Sydney since the 80’s that I know of, and the more traditional Swim then Run Aquathlon events have been around Australia for over 100 years so it’s not an overly new concept. 

How has the reactions been about this in Australia?

– Really good, we’ve had the support of some of the World’s Best triathletes and Surf Ironman which has helped.

How many competitors are you accepting? Is it only Aussies or do you have any international attendees coming?

– We have capped entries to 100 teams this year just to test the course. Mostly just Australians, however people are traveling as far as Tasmania which is the same as London to Gothenburg.

How experienced are competitors who enter the race? What are the criteria to enter the race?

– Athletes must be physically fit and able to complete the course.

Looking at the race in specific, what will be the most challenging aspect for the competitors?

– The entire course, it isn’t long and has many transitions from Swim to Run so athletes will have to work hard to post a fast time.

The totals of the race are: Swim 3.06km, Run 14.23km (swim ratio 18%) Who do you think the course favours, the strong runner or the strong swimmer?

– I would say runners, although there are some ling wading sections which will take a lot of energy from competitors.

What are your aspirations for SR-Australia in the future?

– We plan to grow events around Australia with Sydney being our iconic race. It’s hard to beat this location, athletes will run with views of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. While passing some of the nicest harbour beaches in the world.

Ok, thanks for your time and good luck with your race!

– Thanks!