The perfect swimrun shoe 2016?

In the best case scenario we would have been gifted with the one shoe that fit all kinds of activities. But unfortunately no such golden shoe exist. We are left to try and evaluate, over and over again, get soars, chafing, broken nails, swollen feet and much more, and finally we find that shoe we can live with. And this is for running.

In swimrun, you need so much more than just a shoe, you need something that will work well in wet conditions. Swimrun is a new sport where you run and swim with your shoes on (most of the time), which puts new and quite extreme demands on what sports shoe to use. The swimrun shoe should protect, support and promote good running technique during long distance running in extremely varied terrain, (tarmac, gravel, trail, rock and grass to name a few), under wet, muddy and dry conditions and everything in between.

It should drain fast when you exit the water and minimize the impact on the athlete’s technique and endurance while swimming. As swimrun is growing, so is the demand for good shoes and we’ve covered this topic on several occasions over the years. Löplabbet just did an extensive evaluation of 16 off-road and lightweight racing shoes, all deemed suitable for swimrunning.

Test method

The shoes were tested by 6 experts in natural archipelago swimrun terrain. The test was carried out in four parts: (1) swimming, (2) drainage and (3) grip on dry and (4) wet rocks. The swim test was conducted in a pool with a buoy and paddles.

The tester swam 100 meters with and without shoes and the results shown is the time added to the swim when swimming with shoes. The drainage capability was measured by weighing the shoes dry and then weighing them after a 50 meter run in water followed by a 50 meter run on land. The grip test was performed by running on wet and dry archipelago rock where each shoe could get a score of 1-10 points.


Keep in mind that you should always try the shoe before buying it since it’s all about that individual fit.

2016 resultat bild 2

2016 resultat bild 1

2016 resultat bild 3

Do you agree? Or perhaps you miss a shoe that you think should be tested? Send us an email or drop a comment below.

/The WoS Team

The original test (in Swedish) can be found here.