Test: The New Camaro Utö Pulsor 2 wetsuit – review

The wetsuit is the most important and expensive gear that you’ll use when swimrunning. And even though its slow development these last year, we’ve seen a number of interesting suits hitting the market for the 2016 season. One of these is the Camaro Utö Pulsor 2.0 Overall


The Utö Pulsor 2.0 is made out of 2 mm Blacktec Open Cell neoprene, which is extremely soft and flexible.


It features an asymmetric long front zip where the upper part can be opened or completely folded down to allow for ventilation of the body during hot running segments.


There are 2 large pockets on the back and the collar holds 2 magnets to keep it from flapping around while being unzipped.


We took it out into the rough archipelago outback and put it through some hard core tests. Below you’ll find our thoughts on it.

What we like

+ This is the 1st ever full wetsuit we have managed to run freely in, and this is a great plus. 


+ The magnet in the top is great for holding down the open collar and preventing it from flip-flopping around while running.


+ The generous pockets on the back, there are 2 of them, and they will carry all your mandatory gear and more.

+ The flexibility in the fabric which follows the body with ease when swimming.

+ The asymmetric zipper which allows for taking the suit on and off a bit easier than other suits with only a front zipper. It requires some practice however.


+ The buoyancy and speed in the water. A good swimmer won’t need any extra floating aid.

DSC_2047 DSC_2039-01

+ The thickness of the material. We didn’t really overheat in this suit while running with it completely shut, as we have in thicker ones.

+ It comes with a 3-year fabric warranty. If it breaks, just return it and they will fix it.


What we don’t like

– The construction of the collar around the neck. During a swim-stroke, while in rotation, it tends to open up on the backside. This allows for water to trickle in, not much, but enough for you to pay attention to it. We tested different sizes (M and L) but the problem remains, however only marginally with the tighter size why we recommend to try it before buying it.


– The Velcro in the back neck. It has been stitched without being glued shut. It probably doesn’t matter much but why leave it like that when all other seams have been glued?


– After approximately 5 swimrun sessions the glued patch covering the stitching in the crotch started to loosen up.


– The thin material between the arms and body, and in between the upper thighs, could suffer from chafing in the long-term. We leave this as a question mark for future evaluation

What can be developed further?

  • Strengthening the fabric on the knee and butt-sections. Now it’s flexible but sensitive and could suffer damage if you skid down or climb up sharp rocks in tough conditions.
  • The suit comes with the general sizing options, but we miss the Medium Tall (MT) and Medium Long (ML) option (refer to our collar discussion above).
  • Adding the option for connecting a pull-belt on the front and back. We miss it.
  • Increase the colour on the arms, to allow for better visibility in the water. This is a general recurring remark from our side on all black wetsuits.

Overall this is a really good wetsuit and we expect it to bring success in several competitions around the world. We didn’t cut it so we don’t know how the fabric will react when being cut, but in its current state we don’t believe it needs to be cut for regular type races.


If Camaro can get the collar situation in order, we believe that this suit will be a strong competitor in the top segment.


/The WoS Team

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