2016 Utö swimrun Race Report with Team Sportextreme

This racereport is written fast and first of for my trainingcalender. But since the head of World of Swimrun liked it so much i like to share it with you all. It´s was ment to be in swedish but i think i works well in english to. What do you think? 

We pushed on in the front of the start and calmed down a little towards the first sim. Getting acid directly is not a good idea. Well, the first sim was shaky. There were many who swam better than us. Well, up on Ängsholmen we found the race rhythm. A short swim to Spränga, then on down to Myrnäsudd, some deluxe swimming and then we bade an error and ran wrong. Ouch! Lost precious minutes and placements.

We grinded on over the mire under the power line and had to go a bit too long on red. Once out on the gravel road towards Rånö I had the first dip, Philip hade to pace and up came the rope. We had a decent speed and kept grinding. Felt really fresh on Ålö and could hold back a little. Philip ran well in the forest and on the rocks.


We had planned to drink sea water where it was clear and use energy from clifbar and only to go for s sport drinks in controls. Pushed on further down towards Tymmarsviken and Stora sand. The finest part of the track which was diverted this year because of the spring race with a sprint lap around the mining village and Rävstavik. Anyway, we struggled to and from with the Kindgren brothers and back on Rånö we saw them. Swam up and past them. They caught up with us at the control at Ryssnäset.

The plan for us was that I pulled in the swims and in the woods and Philip mostly on the gravel roads, since he is a stronger flat runner than me. We did a quick check and managed to find decent speed. Philip pulled and I just kept grinding on. We hovered around 5:09 per km for the most part down to Spränga for the second time. There, a quick check then into the woods down towards the 600 m long swim. Now I was pulling and it was cold. I pulled during the swim and I felt really strong, but I have a bit to go before being in top shape.

Up to Ängsholmen after a cold 600m sim, and got photographed by Cecilia and Catharina. Philip that had been very keen on gravel roads, were now cooled down and under the ice. I pulled and we skipped the control in Gruvbyn and shared some energy instead.

26737025514_5c9b001aae_b (1)

Philip was feeling crappy and had attacks of cramp feet but we pushed on towards Rävstavik. I pulled on the run again and we took turns, Philip was a bit dizzy. I kept on cheering and said that it was less than 30 minutes left now. We had picked placements since Ålö, and did so still. Went into the water at the same time as 3-4 men’s team. I swam on firmly to avoid losing them and now fought hard for the placements. Once up, Philip pulled a bit, then I got sprint sensation and went over and asked if it was ok. But of course. He was feeling a bit shabby but still hung on. We were now heading on down to Barnens bad with about 3-4 men’s team in sight. I pushed on and we picked a team then another and yet another team, I was sprinting now.

Ötillö Utö

Just before swim over to Tallholmen we caught up with the mixed team with Åström and Amy. I said hello to Amy and threw myself in the water without goggles, now it was the spurt of honour when I saw that we could manage to go sub-5 hours, this Sunday.

We grinded on up on Tallholmen and Amy and Åstrom swam better than us. We tried to get back in the lead, but it was difficult. Up to the last spurt we disconnected the cord but failed to overtake the last men’s team in front of us, but it was close. 41st place in the men’s category with a final time of 5:05 and a total of 59th in the whole race sporting some 240 teams. An incredible effort by our team. Energy intake worked well throughout the race, as did our race tactic. Philip was very effective on gravel roads and had good feeling throughout the race except the last 45 minutes. It felt great to pull on all swims and in the woods.

Summary: The development potential lies within the swim segments, with yellow paddles, which must now be trained with if I’m to get better. The run felt mostly good, well except for a few gravel roads then I’m not really paced trained to keep up with Philip who is in very nice shape. Next up is Stockholm swimrun which has a higher swim ration (länk till gammal blog) and a lot of flat runs. June 11, we’ll be back for a sub-3 trial, and loads more i hope. This is just the begining. We aim high, are you?

Rating ****

Photo: Nadja Odenhage, Jakob Edholm

Team Sportextreme is Daniel Becker and Philip af Robson