Kattegatt part two – Gearing up

There is this thing with swimrun and adventures. Or better yet, crazy Swedes doing crazy things. They just keep spoiling us with new out-of-the-box swimrun adventures. The first gave us ÖtillÖ, the second, Stockholm Archipelago Ultraswimrun Challenge (SAUC), and lets not forget the one where 2 guys Rasmus and Simon did Sweden to Finland‪ addnatureöstersjösimmet‬, or Team Ultraswimrun who packed their gear and went bonanza in Lofoten last month. Next up is the amazing Swedish team Kattegatt Swimrun, and their Denmark to Sweden adventure challenge. Follow their preparations and journey here on WoS, a really cool swimrunadventure.

/The WoS Team

Gearing up

Along the way we will be safeguarded by two boats. One big Targa and one smaller Rib-boat. Each headed by a very skilled boat handler. We will mainly swim alongside or behind the rib boat. The rib will tow a 70 m long line with buoys which will help us with our navigation but also will work as a safety line.

We have set time limits on how long we will stay in the water. We will swim 55 minutes and the rest for 5 minutes and eat. We will never swim for more than 3 hrs. without a longer rest of up to 30 min-1 hr. in order to warm up and get enough energy. We plan on swimming around 10-12 hrs. per day. However, this as everything in this mad challenge, is dependent on water temperatures, wind and waves as well as our safety and wellbeing.


We´ll be back soon telling more about how our preps are going.

We have a few partners that help us out in making this possible.

Normally we use Colting Wetsuits. Some really great suits that we also use when we race our more normal races. For this challenge we will use the Triathlon suit.

For pull buoys, belts, googles and caps we have received great assistance from our friends Sören and Maj Britt from Swimrunshop.com and Swimrunners brand.


Safety buoys, neoprene gloves and moral support we get from our friends Carl and Johan at Weswim.se

We know that staying warm is one of our primary challenges and to help us out Craft Sportswear have been lending us a hand supplying us with state of the art sports clothing.

We will use trackers, so that our families and friends can follow us online. This is also for safety. We get help with this from the great Daniel Gallaher of www.racetracker.no

The only thing we haven’t found yet is a partner for energy, anyone out there interested?

You can follow us on our adventure on Facebook and Instagram 

/Team Kattegatt Swimrun