Team Happy Swimrun by Orca part I “Introduction”

As a plan for the weeks towards the World Championships ÖtillÖ on the 5 of september. We decided to talk to some teams on subjects as: motivation, training session, background, goals, team building and so on. First out is a mixed team from Gothenburg Sweden. So stay tuned and let the journey begin.

/Editor Daniel for the The WOS team.

Team Happy Swimrun by Orca consists of Hanna Nilsson and Johan Skårbratt. We met through mutual friends during a run in June 2015 and less than a week later we had done our first swimrun race together. A year later we live and train swimrun together full-time in Göteborg, Sweden.


Hanna has grown up in the United States and trained gymnastics 20-30 hours per week until she was 18.

Gymnastics isn’t a particularly useful sport to get into swimrun, but the intense training and physical effort required during those years shaped how she is able to train, race, and push herself today. Once in college, Hanna decided to join the swim club and trained swimming dedicated for a year before expanding to triathlon. After that she trained and raced with the triathlon club at both her undergraduate and graduate universities for 6 years. In 2013, she decided to focus less on triathlon and more on ultra running. In 2014, she moved to Sweden and joined Solvkingarna, Göteborg’s largest running club, and focused even more on running, but was missing swimming. So when she met Johan and he started telling her about swimrun, it seemed like an obvious choice for the next adventure!

Johan also grew up training a sport completely unrelated to swimrun; fencing! However, like Hanna, he learned how to train hard and to get results from dedicated effort. In 2012 Johan started run training more seriously and set goals for himself at half marathon and marathon distances. Then in 2013 he was challenged by a friend to race Amfibiemannen despite not knowing how to swim. But Johan being who is he, focused and learned how to swim quite well in a short amount of time. He managed to stay afloat during that first race and was hooked on swimrun. He continued to race with a mix of partners throughout 2013 and 2014 completing seven races.


In 2015, we raced Infinity Swimrun, Gbg Swimrun, Årnäs Swimrun, Öloppet Sprint, 10 Island Race, and XTERRA Denmark Swimrun. So far this year we have done Borensberg Swimrun, Utö Swimrun, Gbg Swimrun, Stockholm Swimrun, Infinity Swimrun, and Kustjagaren. We haven’t decided exactly which other races we will do for the rest of the season, depends on how we are feeling with training so that we can prepare as best as possible for our season finale, ÖtillÖ!  We are very excited about how well the season has gone so far and how much we have improved time wise compared to last year. Besides experience and improvements to our equipment, including great wetsuits from Orca, we are happy to see that our bodies have responded well to the swimrun specific training that we have been doing.  

Text: Hanna Nilsson

Pic: Presskit



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