Team Orca part II “Goals for the season”

12028870_429305497277522_6707369879152853134_o In all of the races where we raced as a team in 2015, we won the mixed class. Thanks to these results we were accepted based on merits to race at ÖtillÖ in 2016. Even before we found out about our merit qualification in January, we were focused on qualifying for a spot to ÖtillÖ and doing the race together in September. All of our training and racing for the past year has been focused towards ÖtillÖ.

Goals for placement at ÖtillÖ are very tricky! This is a tough race and anything can happen. The competition is also growing and the quality of the competitors is improving greatly every year. There are new super teams on the list this year, but based on individual merits in other sports it is still not a given that they will be able to achieve a certain time or placement. So much in this sport, especially at the ultradistances, has to do with teamwork and mental perseverance. We are far from pro-athletes, but we hope that our focused preparation and the fact that we know each other so well will help us hold our own. If we are to put numbers on it, we aim for a top 5 finish and a sub 10 hour time.

20160702_163258Neither of us have done ÖtillÖ before so we are very anxious to get to experience the course for the first time. We will have done more than 10 races together as Team Happy Swimrun before ÖtillÖ, but none this far. Our swim preparations feel very good so we are not too intimidated by the 10 km of swimming. We have also both run races longer than 65 km and that distance alone is not particularly terrifying. What makes this different is the combination of the swimming and the running and the long time that it will take to complete because of the challenging terrain. As we said earlier, our goal is 10 hours, could very well be longer, and neither of us have ever done a race that’s taken that long. We also know from the experiences that we have with running ultras that take 6+ hours that you always have lots of dips throughout such races so here it will be interesting to see how we can aid each other in getting through the rougher times in the race. Most of all we are looking forward to getting to spending an entire day together doing what we love!


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