Swimrun modifications part 2: Keeping track of the different race stages

This is the second part in our ongoing swimrun modifications series.

This series is all about helping the innovative product development of the swimrun sport. We want to give manufacturers ideas to follow, and to bring us new and cool swimrun equipment.

Are you a person who writes-up the different stages of a swimrun races? Perhaps on the paddle, the inside of your arm, or even on the wetsuit? Well, that’s tricky since its hard to get it off afterwards. It’s nice to have an overview of the races stages but the how-to, still has room for improvement


Here is a cool idea we’ve picked up from a totally different arena than swimrunning, namely child safety.

It turns out that some parents are writing up their own phone numbers and/or addresses on their children’s arms when they for instance go to a park or a zoo. Then they ‘coat’ the number with a product called ‘liquid band-aid’, which protects the writing from being erased if exposed to water.

writing up stages

It looks really promising for writing up the race stages on the hand or forearm, but we havent tried it ourselves yet. Perhaps in a coming races?

What do you guys think, is this the future of swimrun?


Do you have a swimrun modification yourself? Then share it with us – and the world!

Happy swimrunning

/The WoS Team