Swimrun modifications part 3: IKEA & the swimrun calves

As we have previously discussed, choosing the correct flotation support for your calves is important since it will have a significant impact on your running technique. Some people use the leftovers from cutting their wetsuit above the knee where others use foam to put under their compression socks.

Now… Swimrun is a Swedish invention, as is IKEA.

Ok, but what’s the correlation with swimrun?

Well, IKEA is known world-wide for letting you do all the work, putting stuff together. But what many don’t know is the attached underground scene where people hack IKEA stuff, using them for other things than originally intended.

We thought about it and gave it a go. Can IKEA stuff actually be used in swimrun racing?

As it turns out, we think we’ve found a pretty good solution to the well-known struggle with choosing a good material for improving overall buoyancy in the water. And here’s what we found.


1. Go to the local IKEA warehouse, preferably on a sunny Friday evening to avoid the crowds.

2. Orient yourself into the baby department and look for the PYTTIG supporting cushion for baby chairs. Buy it.


3. Remove the inflatable support and cut off the pieces.

  20160706_120904 - Kopia

4. Depending on your size, choose the big or the small section and then inflate it. If you intend to use the large section you’ll need to buy 2.


5. Once inflated, insert it under your compression sock. Adjust the air to make it align itself perfectly.


6. This solution will provide more flotation support than any other option out there. Just go out and swimrun!

And, for you swimrun-engineers out there, maybe a bit above par, but something to think about.

How can one combine the legendary Nike Air Jordan Pump system with these inflatable PYTTIG panels?

A system like this would allow for a fast and convenient inflate / deflate maneuver, depending on the specific swimrun stage you’re about to enter. The other question is, should this be allowed in swimrun racing?

Lets see what the future might bring.

/The WoS Team

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