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We continue to our series where we present some people and teams that will do the ÖtillÖ race, and talk about subjects as: their background, their goals, motivation, how they train, team building and so on. Get inspired, get race ready as we approach the upcoming ÖtillÖ World Championships on the 5 of september. Here is Nicolas Remires13301423_1710593419201461_4976495076234202699_o

1. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us at WoS

No, problem, happy to do so.

2. How did you get into swimrun?

I discovered swimrun when I arrived in Sweden 5 years ago. Then I started training with Daniel Hansson in 2014. I liked the concept of racing with a partner, training and fighting together.

3. What did you do before you got into swimrun?

Before swimrun I was cycling a lot, road cycling. Also before that I was into triathlon.

4. What kind of swimrun-races have you done before (2016) and which races are you doing this year, 2016, any results?

I won Utö swimrun in 2015, also 2nd and 1st at Borås swimrun and 2nd at Ångalöppet in 2014 and 2015



5. This year you are doing ötillö, how did you get in, what are your ambitions with the race?

I finished 3rd in 2015, then I got an entry for 2016 edition. My ambitions are like last year, to win, especially since I this year have the full support from and Envol, which will help me perform during the race!

6. What do you look forward to at ötillö and what do you fear?

ÖtillÖ is a massive race. It is exciting and stressful, but it is also lots of pleasure. The pleasure of fighting hard with a teammate is great. I do not have any fears about ÖtillÖ. I know what I can do, and if everything is going well on race day then I won’t have any bad surprise. The course is really tough and demanding but nothing to be scared of, just have to keep going forward, and never stop.

ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN UTÖ, Foto: Jakob Edholm
ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN UTÖ, Foto: Jakob Edholm

Foto: Nic (WOS) at Utö Swimrun 2016 & Nadja Odenhage

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