Dodging waves!

What started off as an OK day quickly took a turn for the worst.

Forecasted 6 m /s winds suddenly became 8, then 12.

A steady 12. Head on.

Improvise, adapt and overcome became the name of the game. While running the first stretch I rerouted the plan and started island hopping. Avoiding the strong wind became a priority.

At the end I couldn’t avoid it more and decided to go straight on. And fight. I had the wind head on, and had up to 15 m/s in the squalls. Made me remember ötillö 2011. That was easier.

41 k. 10 hours. Now tired. Almost reached Möja.

Tomorrow. I keep grinding!


Day 2 - stage 2: Blidö - Möja.

Day 2 – stage 2: Blidö – Möja.





Love these little unmarked trails on no man’s islands.