It felt so-so having to start the day by  jumping into cold angry water. 15 m/s. The ocean was completely white.

Instead of fighting the elements I decided to reroute (again) and try to surf the waves. This meant running longer and then to back-track-swim.

It feels like I’ve been in a tumbling machine all day.

At lunch I had a happy moment when I got to change to the south map. Yay!

No sun meant cold weather and I had to put on merino wool underneath to stand spending so many hours in the water. The Camaro suit zipper  broke. Gaah. Frustrating.

Apart from this. Everything feels OK. With the normal wear and tear of the body. 41 k today. North of Möja – Runmarö Styrsvik. Happy to be on the ötillö corse for a while. No need to navigate 🙂

Day 3 - stage 3: Möja - Runmarö
Day 3 – stage 3: Möja – Runmarö