Felt strong this morning. Have grown up in the area and more or less know the route by heart. In addition, Daniel Becker, the man with the plan showed up. A super moral booster. Daniel is the mega-grinder you need. A real Diesel truck!

We were going  to have to fight for it today. 12 m/s South and 11-13 degrees in the water and when we approached the Pigswim, it was just brutal. After 3 days of hard wind the waves were just big and everywhere, all at the same time.

Rarely have I been so cold.

We kept grinding and made it down to Ornö Churh. 51 k today. 11 hours.


Tomorrow will be easier.

We Hope 🙂


Day 4 - stage 4: Runmarö - Ornö.
Day 4 – stage 4: Runmarö – Ornö.