A day of mood swings.

Felt soar from yesterdays mega grind. The body is tired now. I can feel it in the muscles. Daniel was happy, as always, and we got off to a good start. It’s really good to have a partner like that. Always cheerful and positive!

He kept on pushing and cheering and we had a good first 10 k run. Then after the first swim I was really cold and pushed on hard in the technical terrain, to get the heat back, but my body resisted and during a catastrophic jump I pulled a muscle in my front left thigh.

Snap and pop at the same time.

Realising the potential disaster I jumped and zombie-ran towards the next swim as fast as could, hoping that the really cold water would cool it off. The support boat had left us given the safety of the remaining swims, heading for Utö Gruvby, so I had to suffer a 4 k run before being able to propely treat the damage.

In the meantime, Daniel ran back and forth along the road, just to keep warm, but also to double-check on me.

At the boat I put on some gauze bandage and some cool gel. Grabbed a quick coffee and some energy. Didn’t want to sit still too long and started walking. Daniel caught up a couple of kilometres down the road and after that we started running again. Me zombie-running walking zombie-running walking. We kept on doing this for the remainder of the stage of the day. A real fight.

Since I couldn’t run I didn’t manage to get the heat going in my body so today was awful and I dreaded every cold swim.

Then we finally reached Nåttarö, later than expected. 41 k 8 hours. Now it’s all about mentally recharging and get some shut eye.

Big day tomorrow.


Day 5 - stage 5: Ornö - Nåttarö.
Day 5 – stage 5: Ornö – Nåttarö.

12.8 today. Colder in the strong currents in the bottleneck channels between the island.

Crazy to see the whole route on a map like this. In the local store at Nåttarö.