6 Days. 270 k.

1st ever finisher. Arholma-Landsort. The whole Stockholm Archipelago.

Day 6 - stage 6 : Nåttarö - Landsort.
Day 6 – stage 6 : Nåttarö – Landsort.

Day 6 started at Danziger gatt. A 14 k swim. I Started at  06:00. Only 2 m/s, head wind. A window of 4 hours before the wind picked up. Really cold. After reaching shore we had to seek shelter for me to get the heat going again. Took a long time.

Once  back on track I opened up strong and ran through the islands with lightning speed until my front left thigh gave up again. After that I had to fight for every meter. Especially when the wind picked up and went back to the normal 10 m/s.

How I hate being cold. And in the water.

The last couple of islands were just terrible. Up and and down. Crevasse type, with huge thorne bushes making them nearly impossible to pass. Cold and tired I reached Landsort lighthouse after 12 hours and 40k.



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