So, the season is coming to a close. We’re all looking back at our respective performances thinking;

– I did good, but I can probably get better.

Closing up on the off-season, at least for the nordic countries, many will now hit the gym and pool to start building up for the next.

But how do you get faster?

During fall we will cherry pick interesting articles and research that might help you along the way. And to start of this theme we point you in the direction of this very interesting article:

How Slow Running Can Make You a Quicker Runner

The benefits of slow running

Slow running has at least three key benefits. Firstly, it aids the growth of capillaries, which means more oxygen creation. Secondly, it promotes both more and bigger mitochondria to develop in your cells. Thirdly, slow running also aids fat adaptation, where even the skinniest runners can run comfortably for hours, without extra fuel. 

Continue reading over at Mens running and don’t forget that you also need to have the best shoes possible, check out our review from this summer.

/The WoS Team