Swimrun is a young sport under constant development. Every year we see new equipment hit the market and the ingenuousness some people show is remarkable. Even though we’ve seen a lot of ‘new’ swimrun shoes hit the market, they still come in their standard form.

They havent undergone the same evolution as the wetsuit, which now features pockets, dual-zippers, thicker floating-zones and dual material composition and so forth. When will we see the swimrun shoe take this developmental leap? Below you’ll find a good though from a new-born swimrunner, Alain.

We are exited, what do you think. Is it feasible?

/The WoS Team

Hello everyone in the World of Swimrun,

My name is Alain, I live in Nantes, France, and I’m 51. Like many newcomers to the sport of triathlon, and now swimrun, I knew I could ride a bike, run, swim. The only thing is I didn’t know until recently that you could enjoy all these sports at the same time… 😉

In triathlon we are not allowed to use a pullbuoy, paddles and fins. But the nice side of swimrun is that we are allowed just about anything… So I came up with this idea today. What if someone could invent shoes which transform into fins, would this be a minor/important/vital asset in the swim ? As far as I know there is hardly any point in trying to kick while swimming with shoes on, which means we mostly swim with our arms, losing a significant amount of propulsion and sometimes even, stability in the process…

To make a long story short, I would be interested to know if the idea of such hybrid shoes has already been discussed by swimrun and trail shoe manufacturers, and what my fellow swimrunners think of the idea.

Forgive my poor engineering and drawing talents, but surely you get the idea…