The results are in – This is the equipment the SR community wants to see developed!

First of all.

A BIG thank you to all of you who took the time to vote! We are humbled by the interest shown.

As you all can see in the table below, the top priority for the industry next year is to develop the wetsuit, shoes and buoy. This should come as no surprise, but it’s interesting to see that there was a complete draw between the wetsuit and the shoes, with 19 % each of the total votes.

The last couple of years we’ve seen the wetsuit take several big development leaps, but this has not been the case with the shoes. Perhaps this is the year when we will see the swimrun shoe undergoe a complete paradigm shift? Who will do it, and who will be the 1st? Only time will tell, because our lips are sealed ;D 

Another interesting point is the pull-belt that came in at 4th place. This item is not something you hear much talk about, but a lot of people use it, and you mostly see home-made examples out there, even though there exists are a few factory-made ones. Perhaps now we’ll see more of them hit the market next year. We believe so, and we are exited!

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The poll also had a text option where people could write about any other stuff the wanted to see hit the market, and quite a few interesting ideas popped up. Independently from each other, there were several who called for the industry to develop a dedicated GPS holder, and anything that helps open water swim navigation. In some races the GPS device can be a nuisance and we do agree that having a form of navigation device during long messy swims would help immensely.

But, how far should we take this technical development of swimrun? Where do we draw the line in the sand when SR becomes more of a gear-race than a ‘physical-capacity’ race. Imagine if there was only 1 type of bike allowed in triathlon and how that would have affected those practicing the sport? In its purest form we believe that there should exists as little technical aid as possible but we are also open for some future development. Below you will find a list on what some people wanted:

  • Système d’attache intégré au pull boy pour accrocher à la cuisse (Integrated pull-buoy system for hanging on the thigh)
  • Info board on the wetsuit to write length on each set
  • Finshoes – a combination of shoes and swim fins
  • Stockage de barres énergétiques (Proper storage for energy bars)
  • A warm neoprene west
  • Hydration storage
  • Sunglasses

These results will now be communicated to all swimrun manufacturers and we hope to see them pick up on this for the upcoming 2017 season.

And once again, thank you all for helping out!

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/The WoS Team


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