Triathlon Federation gets responsibility for swimrun in France

FFTRI-TYPO-NEWThe French have done it again! Often early adopters of new sports but also inventors of the word ‘bureaucratie’, the ‘Minister of city, youth and sport’ has given the delegation of the sport swimrun in France to the French Triathlon Federation (FFTri) until 2020 (Olympic cycle).

What does it mean in practice ? On the positive side it is the first official recognition by a government of the sport of swimrun. It also gives more exposure and access to some facilities and maybe funding for the sport. Potentially, some complex administrative procedures for organisers may be facilitated, as well as the research for insurance cover. On the potentially negative side, the rules that will be established by the FFTri (as part of their duty) may be very constraining. For instance, a rigid set of distances, temperature etc would go against the fundamentals of the sport. The spirit of sharing and respect for nature could be diluted if the rules do not put these fundamentals at the heart of the sport. Lastly adding another administrative layer will probably increase the cost for organisers and participants alike. In our review of the 2016 swimrun year we noted that this would be a hot topic for 2017. Clearly the swimrun scene is moving rapidly in France, and it’s a development that we will monitor closely.

Will it spread to other countries? Watch this space …