The complete beginners guide to swimrun gear – Off-season prices, it’s time to go shopping!

  • The easiest beginners guide for swimrun equipment online
  • Get the most basic swimrun outfit for less than 320 € (336 $)
  • A full set of swimrun equipment for no more than 345 € (363 $)
  • It can get cheaper if you don’t mind what brand you buy

We’ve now reached over 300 races in the world and more people are joining the #swimrun movement. A significant amount of people are crossing over from triathlon, but many ‘pure’ swimmers and runners have also taken a liking to the sport.

The swimrun movement is growing!

Last year almost 10.000 people participated in a swimrun event and for 2017 we expect this number to increase significantly. In general, swimmers know their gear from the pool, as do the runners from the trail, triathlon people know both. But as a swimrun beginner, there are a couple of things specifically related to swimrun gear that you need to know about, and what to spend your money on.

At one point we were all beginners

If you want to spend the big bucks, then just contact us and we’ll work with you as your personal shopper 🙂 . If not, scroll down and we’ll give you a few pointers on what swimrun equipment to buy on a low- or fairly reasonable budget. 

World of Swimrun – Your personal shopper!

1. The Wetsuit

The most expensive purchase is the wetsuit. We strongly recommend that you go for a shorty, i.e. a cut version of a full wetsuit, with front and back zippers. A long wetsuit will impact on your running technique and running economy and a wetsuit with only 1 zipper will be difficult to cab-down when you are hot. Plus, the god 1-zipper-ones are expensive.

260 € (273 $)

A good mid-range model to start with is the Orca RS1. Normally this suit will cost you around 410 €, but the off-season price has gotten as low as 260 €. If you don’t care about brand or type, the cheapest shorty right now can be bought for less than 157 €.

2. The Shoes

It’s important to have shoes that fit your feet and running style. They will get wet and won’t act as dry shoes normally does, so buying shoes is all about that individual preference. The main important thing is to get shoes that releases water quickly, and all of it. The second most important is that the grip is decent, normally implying the shoes carrying plastic studs. We recommend last year’s winner, the Acceleritas 5 RB9X. They will normally cost around 135 €, but the off-season price has dropped to only 52 €. Time to stock-up!

Bildresultat för Icebug Acceleritas 5 RB9X

52 € (54 $)

3. The Goggles

Actually. If you’re doing shorter races (below 20 km) you will manage with only buying the wetsuit and shoes, as many experienced swimrunners have started to race without goggles. But if you opt for getting a pair remember this: Despite what’s written in the commercial All goggles will fog up. Period! Hence, buy cheap and make sure they fit your skull. Remember to get transparent ones that will allow you to run short stretches with them on. They are cheap, only 6 €.

6 € (6.3 $)


So, to basically get started swimrunning and re-using some of your old stuff like socks, underwear etc., you can start your 1st race for under 320 € (336 $) and still be competitive. But if you’re not a strong swimmer, you probably want to add some other supportive stuff, and at least go for a pair of paddles and a pull-buoy.

4. The paddles

The same principle goes for the paddles as with the goggles. Go for the tested and approved stuff, not the fancy-pancy. You will find a basic set of paddles for as low as 6 €.

Ras Team

6 € (6.3 $)

5. The Buoy

The buoy will help with your swim position and most likely increase your speed in open water. There are as many options out there as swimrunners, so go for the cheap and easy one. The standard foam type will cost you approximately 10 € and attaching the thigh-rope is easy.

10 € (11 $)

6. The additional stuff

As you progress in your swimrun career you might want to invest in more gear to help build your overall capacity and speed. Below we will list what we recommend, but there’s plenty more if you’re the gear nerd that tries everything. Have a further look on our many posts on swimrun gear.

  • Pull-cord (belt*): 3 € (3 $)

*Buy cheap in your local boat store

  • Compression socks: 8.3 € (9 $)

  • Calf guards / Swimcalf (with buoyancy*): 25 € (26.5 $)

Bildresultat för swimcalf

*If you want to go cheap skip these and instead use foam underneath your compression socks.

The complete swimrunner, ready to blast off!

All-in-all, your total budget swimrun outfit will cost you somewhere in the range of 345-362 €, depending on if you go for the compression socks or the more expensive swimcalfs. If you’re the handy type there are a lot of swimrun modifications and tweaks out there that can cut the total price even more!

Pay attention that all prices* have been collected off-season and that they are likely to go up once the new season kicks in.

Happy bargain hunting

/The WoS Team



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