Swimrun Russia – Indepth talk with organisers


Swimrun is expandning, we are curious what the globe has to offer. On last years Ö till Ö i meet up with two swimrunners from russia. At utö värdshus they told me about there race in russia this upcoming summer. After some more letters between us i send some questions to Marina. Here are the result. 

Hello Marina, why a Swimrun Russia? Tell me about the background?

– Hello! History of SwimRun Russia began at 2015, when Dmitriy Egorov have got a qualification for ÖTILLÖ – the SwimRun World Championship – and decided to organize own competition near St-Petersburg. 02.08.2015 SwimRun Lake-to-Lake had start. Participants can choose one of three distances: SwimRun30, SwimRun15, SwimRun Fun. In the competition took part 50 teams on distances SwimRun30 and SwimRun15, 25 people swam and run in personal race SwimRunFun. Air temperature was 20-210С, water temperature – 17-180С. So, Swimrun history was in Russia was started. At July 2016 SwimRun Lake-to Lake had a second edition with longer distances and 300 participants in total. Atmosphere was great and we were happy, that a lot of people like a new sport – SwimRun! For summer 2017 we prepare new challenge: another place, longer distances, colder water, tough running. It will be new version – SwimRun Russia.

I saw you competing in last years ÖTILLÖ what is you background in swimrun?
– I took part in first SwimRun Lake-to-Lake as participant on long distance 30km and got 3th place in Mixed class. Dmitriy Egorov was searching a partner for ÖTILLÖ and I agreed to swim and run 75km on Stockholm archipelago. We finished on 11th place in Mixed class with time 11:06. After that I failed in love with Swimrun! I like sport and I try a lot of sports: orienteering, skiing, trail running, swimming, triathlon, tai chi – but Swimruns is the best summer sport! In season 2016 I took part in few competition in different countries (incl. ÖTILLÖ) and organized SwimRun Lake-to-Lake with Dmitriy.
20160731_Kurmanaeva_DSC_2559 (1)
 You’re race seems tough, how is the racecourse? Hilly? Muddy?
– This year we change the race region. Last year course has little hills, felled trees after windfall, small trails, swamps and lakes with water lilys and plants. In addition new area has stones, rocks, islands, reeds, colder water and more difficult forest.
Participants can choose 3 distances:
SwimRun Long ~ 47 km with ~ 6km of swimming;
SwimRun Middle ~ 25 km with ~ 3km of swimming;
SwimRun Fun ~ 13 km with ~ 1,5km of swimming – individual competition.
Is it easy to reach the race area if you travel from abroad and not speak Russian?
– We organize transfer from St-Petersburg and back at race day for all participants, who need it. So, you travel from another city or country, you just need to come in St-Petersburg and book any accommodation there (we can help you to find any place). We had participants from Germany, Latvia, Litva and Belarus last year.
How you organize the security/medic team during the race?
– Before competition every participant have to provide insurance (participants can buy it through our web-site) and medical admission or pass a short medical analysis at competition area.
– During the race we have volunteers at running stages and lifeguards by boats on swimming sections. Every service point has a medical kit for first aid. In competition center we have the Ambulance with a doctor.
Tell me more about the swimrun movement in Russia? Is it big? More races seems to develop in the region. What is you’re view?
– History of Swimrun in Russia start in St-Petersburg in 2015. At the moment most of Russian swimrunners live in St-Petersburg and Moscow. Last summer in Russia were organized 4 swimrun races expect SwimRun Lake-to-Lake, but all of them was 10km individual competition. Interest for Swimrun growed up very well last year. Citizens of megapolis used to run by asphalt road. We try to show, that Swimrun is team sport in the real nature.
Are you planning to do this for many years to come?
– We would like to develop SwimRun in Russia. We would like to continue growing the Swimrun community in Russia. We hope, that more sportsman will come from abroad and SwimRun Russia will be popular over the world.
Text: Daniel Becker and Marina Ivanova
Photo: Swimrun russia.


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