The 1st ever international swimrun equipment test

This coming weekend, World of Swimrun (WoS), Swimrun France (SR-F) and Swimrun Germany (SR-G) conducts the 1st ever international swimrun equipment test. Join us live and ask questions or follow our updates on social media.

Swimrun is a sport that is growing rapidly around the world. There are currently more than 300 confirmed races in 28 countries and on 7 continents and more are announced each month. The number of participants also keep growing and in 2016 more than 10 000 people entered races.

Even though swim and run equipment has been around for a long time, the way swimrun combines the two in a repeated form, varying conditions and with relaxed rules makes it unique. During the first 10 years, equipment development has been at the hands of the swimrunner, but now the industry has understood our needs why new equipment keep being introduced to the market.


We are the enthusiasts who live, breathe and write about swimrun. We also test, tweak and develop our own new swimrun equipment. During 2016 our most visited posts were those focusing on swimrun equipment and technique. There is a huge demand for this type of knowledge and people want to know what new equipment is on the way and how they work in reality. Therefore, to meet the demand and the many questions we get, we decided to put together the 1st ever international swimrun association equipment test.

By swimrunners, for swimrunners.

2017 Swimrun equipment
2017 Swimrun equipment

We’ve sent out an open invitation, without reservation, to all producers of swimrun or swimrun-related equipment, inviting them to participate in the test held this weekend, March 23rd – 26th in Marseille, France.

The test will be conducted in an impartial manner, under equal and real life swimrun conditions, using standardized testing routines. It will be moderated by our test leader Dr. François-Xavier Li (PhD), from the University of Birmingham. During the weekend, we’ll provide regular updates through our social media channels. Follow us live and see if you find something of interest, or have a question you want to ask.

Check out #srgeartest2017 on any of our social media below.


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Meet the Testing Team

Testing team pic

/The WoS Team, Swimrun France & Swimrun Germany


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