‘Roof of the World’ Regatta and Swimrun

Get stoked. A crazy swimrun adventure is in the pipe-line. The ROTW!

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‘Roof of the World’ Regatta and Swimrun

Jackie and I have been travelling on the Pamir Highway for over 7 years and we have always felt a special affinity with the village of Karakul – the ‘last place in Tajikistan’. What makes Karakul special is the people and the location. The people (over 1000 in the community) are ethnic Kyrgyz and they live in their village without running water or an electricity supply through the mild summers (+20C) and freezing winters (-40C). The village lies on the edge of a huge meteorite impact crater filled with turquoise water (Lake Karakul – 380Km2) and surrounded by +7000m peaks (Lenin Peak – 7134m).

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For three years we’ve been organising the ‘Roof of the World’ Regatta – the highest altitude sailing event in the world. The event is held on Lake Karakul (altitude 3916m) in the Eastern Pamir of Tajikistan – also one of the remotest locations in the world. This year we were contacted by Christofer Johansson – a Swedish guy – who was travelling the Pamir Highway two years ago and who thought how amazing it might be to swimrun on Lake Karakul. We inducted him and the swimrun into the regatta and we launch the combined event in July 2017!

The islands across Karakul
The islands across Karakul

The ‘Roof of the World’ Swimrun will navigate the island archipelago of Lake Karakul from the southern to northern shore. There are at least three swimming sections with four runs over rugged terrain. Lake Karakul is endorheic and therefore brackish, the water coming from glacial melt. The lake is frozen for over 7 months of the year so the water temperature is low. Added to this mighty challenge is the fact the race will be performed at nearly 4000m altitude. This race will set a world altitude record for swimrun competition. Due to the risks involved, two motorised safety boats will be in attendance at all times.

We are recommending two alternative travel schedules that allows for at least 4 days acclimatization over 2500m before climbing up to Karakul.

Day 1 – Arrive Dushanbe (Tajikistan). Depart for Khorog Day 1 – Arrive Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). Fly to Osh.
Day 2 – Arrive Khorog (2500m) Day 2 – Travel to Sary Tash (3000m)
Day 3-4 – Acclimatize Khorog Day 3-5 – Acclimatize Sary Tash
Day 5 – Travel to Murghab (3600m) Day 6 – travel to Karakul (3916m)
Day 6 – Acclimatize Murghab
Day 7 – Travel to Karakul (3916m)

We will be in Karakul for onshore and offshore activities from 24th July onwards, including Swimrun (28th July) and Regatta (29th July).

Tony Nelson – ‘Roof of the World’ Regatta and Swimrun event organiser.

Find out more at: https://www.facebook.com/ROTWSwimrun/ 

Official name of the race: Exact GPS location (for our map): Total distance swimming:
‘Roof of the world’ Swimrun N 390000.00 E 733300.00 4Km
Number of swimming sections: Distance of the longest swim: Total distance running:
At least 3 2Km 12 Km
Number of running sections: Distance of the longest run: Elevation:
At least 4 8Km 4000m
Average air temperature at the time of the race: Average water temperature at the time of the race: If its available only for teams of 2 or more, single or both:
18C 10C Teams of 2.
Email Address to the person in charge: rotwregatta@gmail.com