Swimming in cold water what you should know – winter swimrun is around the corner!

This Saturday, the much dreaded Hellas Frostbite Swimrun race takes place. A winter swimrun in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Brrr. It doesnt get much colder than this. But racers, take care. There is much to think of before doing a cold race like this. Check out our guide below. And don’t forget to VOTE for your favourite gear!

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Today we are interviewing Dr Anders Wallensten on safety issues with swimming in cold water. Dr Wallensten is our dedicated World of Swimrun medical expert.

We know that quite a few of us northerners are keen to jump in the water as soon as the ice clears so that we can get some proper open water swim training. But is it safe?

standard Ram Barkai swims
Ram Barkai founder of the International Ice Swimming Federation swimming in Tyomen lake, Russia, photo Ram Barkai

“If you are in good health and well-trained there should be no problems going swimming in cold water as long as you have proper equipment such as a wetsuit and know what the risks are.”

Good to hear. So what are the risks? Continue reading “Swimming in cold water what you should know – winter swimrun is around the corner!”

Isle of Scilly 2016 – Race Report

We interviewed Anders and Johanna Wallensten from Team Ultraswimrun on their experience of the inaugural Isle of Scilly race.

W: Hi Anders and Johanna. You came in fourth in mixed, Congratulations!

A&J: Thanks!

Finishing 4th in mix, 40 seconds behind 3rd team. Credit ÖtillÖ.
Finishing 4th in mix, 40 seconds behind 3rd! team. Credit ÖtillÖ.

W: We do short race reports go beyond the stats and give people a feeling for different races to help swim-runners pick races best suited for them. So to kick-off on this theme, how was the race? Can you describe it?

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SkateRun – the optimal winter substitute for swimrunners with abstinence?

Perfect ice conditions
Perfect ice conditions

Winter training for swimrunners is difficult in countries with freezing conditions and impossible if there is ice cover. However, instead of simply heading indoors for swim training, there is an alternative that feels like the natural winter substitute – Skate-running! Same idea as swimrun, same land and water transitions, just use skates instead. Run between point A-B and skate across the lakes on the way. Although perfect winter conditions for this are rare in many countries, in most northern European countries it should be possible. And it should definitely be attractive to the Dutch who are avid skaters. Sweden has a very favorable environment for tour skating in the parts of the country where it is cold enough to get thick ice, but warm enough to prevent the skating possibilities to be ruined by snow. Continue reading “SkateRun – the optimal winter substitute for swimrunners with abstinence?”