Åland Swimrun geting close.

On the 23 of september is the Åland Swimrun is held for the second time, and we on World of Swimrun is curius how the planing is going. What to expect and so forth. We found contact with the race directors Ia Colerius and Hubert von Frenckell.

Close to race now! Is the race course well market?

Yes, it´s getting closer. Well marked? At the moment only the supersprint course is marked but gradually we will start to mark the Short course. The Long- course will this year only be partially marked (at the start and in the end). Instead the Long- participants will get a map and find themselves a way from A, where they get up from the water to B, the start of the next swimming segment.The swimming segments for all three routes will be marked both at the decline into water (flag) and at the ascent from the water (buoys / signs)

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Interview – Åland Swimrun a September challange

Why åland swimrun?
With an archipelago consisting of 6757 islands and a water area of 11990 square kilometers there could hardly be a more suitable location for arranging a unique swimrun- event. We ensure our participants an experience that will not soon be forgotten! Åland Swimrun shall from the start be “tough enough” – both for the experienced athlete but also for the curious exerciser.The longer distance (LONG) raced in couple is one of the most demanding courses in rough weather over really open water and harsh rockies on the northern sea! The shorter distance (SHORT) is a chance for everybody who does not want to run in couples but still get a challenge. Eventhough 15km might not sound challenging it is not a course made as a “walk in the park”. These are races for those convenient to swim in rough waters! The new distance for 2017, SUPERSPRINT, is perfect for those who wants to try the sport and maybe even bring the familys a little older kids!

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Racereport: Xterra swimrun Furesø 28 maj

Freshly back from a seventh position in the mixed class at the world series in Hvar we had a strong longing for comeback – we had lost several places to strong running teams since the swim – our strongest branch had been shortened due to bad weather conditions. It nevertheless resulted in a fantastic race which also happened to be Linneas very first swimrun race!

So we did not need to think twice about entering the Xterra Furesö in Denmark on the 28th of may. Since the winter training as featured in primalcoaching.se has shown to be highly effective and on the spot. We felt strong and were looking forward to a great race in Denmark. Meanwhile Linneas sore knee worried us a little and the major part of her running was spent – on a bike! luckily two weeks prior to race day she was symptom free and we could focus on a race plan.


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Swimrun Russia – Indepth talk with organisers


Swimrun is expandning, we are curious what the globe has to offer. On last years Ö till Ö i meet up with two swimrunners from russia. At utö värdshus they told me about there race in russia this upcoming summer. After some more letters between us i send some questions to Marina. Here are the result. 

Hello Marina, why a Swimrun Russia? Tell me about the background?

– Hello! History of SwimRun Russia began at 2015, when Dmitriy Egorov have got a qualification for ÖTILLÖ – the SwimRun World Championship – and decided to organize own competition near St-Petersburg. 02.08.2015 SwimRun Lake-to-Lake had start. Participants can choose one of three distances: SwimRun30, SwimRun15, SwimRun Fun. In the competition took part 50 teams on distances SwimRun30 and SwimRun15, 25 people swam and run in personal race SwimRunFun. Air temperature was 20-210С, water temperature – 17-180С. So, Swimrun history was in Russia was started. At July 2016 SwimRun Lake-to Lake had a second edition with longer distances and 300 participants in total. Atmosphere was great and we were happy, that a lot of people like a new sport – SwimRun! For summer 2017 we prepare new challenge: another place, longer distances, colder water, tough running. It will be new version – SwimRun Russia.

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Happy Swimrun Season Wrap-Up 2016


We had a great 2016 swimrun season! The season opened with Borensberg Swimrun at the start of May and included 13 swimrun races in 4 months! As Team Happy Swimrun by Orca we completed Borensberg Swimrun, Utö Swimrun, Stockholm Swimrun, Kustjagaren, 2XU Island Challenge, 10 Island Swimrun, and ÖtillÖ.

Going into the season we were well prepared physically and had trained specifically for the season that we had planned. We looked at all of the early races as preparation for our A-race, ÖtillÖ. And boy was there a lot of preparation and learning to do that finally got us to the finish line of ÖtillÖ! Last year, 2015, was our first season racing together and we had few expectations other than having fun, but when that resulted in an undefeated season our excitement and expectations for the 2016 season were sky high. That led to a 2016 season full of ups and downs. There were lots of podium finishes, but also sprained ankles, a DNF because of a cold, and plenty of other small setbacks that rattled us.

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