ULTRA SWIMRUN Off-friendship, sharing and preservation of Nature

We organise a Swimrun promotion event in France, without any bib or time-chip, in the sole purpose of sharing long hours together with swimrunners from several European countries.

110km running/trailrunning

20km Swimming


20 swimrunners

In line with the purest Swimrun tradition, we have built a course based on the four original pillars:


The effort will be a long one, because this is the first ultra-swimrun on such a scale.

130km and 5000m+/- non-stop, semi-autonomously, with 110km trail-running and 20km open-water swimming.

The course will be set between the lakes of Annecy, le Bourget and Aiguebelette, through the mountains of Bauges and l’Epine.

A magnificent course, both fast in some places and technical trail in others, in a breath-taking scenery.


Sheer happiness to be shared with friends and partners in a situation where cohesion will be key.

Indeed, given the distance and the essential spirit of Swimrun, we will all move together, with a maximum distance of 100m between the first and the last member of the team. There are two goals in that respect:

  • Enjoy this adventure together

  • Be safe with each other

Preservation of Nature

As always when we venture into the great outdoors, we commit to preserving nature. This is obviously the essence of outdoor activities, but tends to be forgotten. On each part of the course, we’ll avoid the protected areas as pointed out on local government documents in order to reduce our footprint. In the same spirit, we have chosen to organise assistance by minivan, but the vehicle’s trip will be optimised in order make the event’s carbon footprint as small as possible.

Respect for fellow human beings

This is the trickiest point since each one of us decides upon his/hers own behaviour. We’re aiming for clean swimrun, and there’s no need for the participants to use any product that would harm the ethics of the sport or our own health.

We are currently discussing a communication campaign on anti-doping with the Finnish swimrun team Say no to the doping

Course specifics

110km running/trailrunning

20km Swimming


20 swimrunners

6 nationalities or more

the following have already expressed their interest:

United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Morroco, France

We won’t wear bibs or time chips, but we’ll have a GPS tracking device for the benefit of our followers or people wishing to join us.

Moving security will be provided by a partner company on the whole course, especially in the lakes and in some determined places during the trail sections. (see Assistance and tracking)

Restube safety buoy

The assisting team will provide headlights to be used night-time and if we swim while it’s dark, we’ll have a boat following us as well as Cyalume light sticks in the back

The event should take place on:

27th-28th April, 2018

Non-stop, semi autonomously

Mandatory equipment:

All participants are swimrunners with previous experience of endurance or ultra-endurance efforts, the mandatory equipment is as usual

Assistance and tracking

The goal of the event is to move through the course and one single group, which will make tracking and assistance easier.

We’ll have GPS tracking so that our position is known and so that people can join us along some open sections (to be specified).

An assistance vehicle with food, drinks and our personal belongings will meet up with us at some specific location and will follow us on the road sections.

The vehicle, a minivan (6 people) will provide us the opportunity to:

  • quit if necessary,

  • eat and drink,

  • change clothes, although we would all start with our Swimrun outfit

  • get first help

apart from this vehicle, we want to minimise risks by working with a medical company.

The first help team would be following us on the course, present on the water and on technical trails, and if that is not possible, they would be pre-positionned with the assistance vehicle.

The event isn’t a race, and though it limits the risks, it doesn’t cancel them out. Each participant has to watch out for the others

We’ll have two mobile phones with us and a GPS tracker.


In order to make the most of our adventure in terms of communication, to disseminate the original philosophy of swimrun, we’ll work with a communication company before the start. During the event, there will be live broadcast and interviews in English.

On a more international note, this long shared adventure will give all participants the chance to communicate about swimrun spirit in their respective countries.

Double communication: official communication about the event in France and personal (team) and ethical communication.

How to get there?

You can get to Annecy by train or road.

For our foreign friends, the easiest is to get a place to Lyon, France (1hour away) or to Geneva, Switzerland (45 min away). There are many regular and Easyjet flights. Depending on the time of your arrival, we’ll fetch you at the airport and take you to our partner hotel so that you can relax and prepare for the adventure.


With the purpose of communication, we hope to find partners and sponsors to limit the costs and ask you for the smallest possible contribution. So far, we assess the contribution will be of 80€ -100€, covering security, logistics and accommodation the night before and after the event

all informations, in the event FB group: 


@JC Bastiani Swimrun coach and nurse

Race Report: Åland Swimrun 2017

“I have been to hell and back and let me tell you it was EPIC”

The cold water of the Baltic Sea was not only beginning to affect my judgement, it was in full blossom. I could only think of two things: a hot sauna and “What the hell are we doing here”.

When first I got into the business of running in a wetsuit and swimming in shoes some ten years ago, I had NO clue what I was doing. We were absolute beginners who kind of made up the sport as we went along. As many of you know, many teams used quiet big backpacks and floatation devices designed for kids. The sport of swimrun was literally being born in front of us. The first years of Swimrun offered only one competition: ÖtillÖ, today the world Championship. In fact the sport didn’t even have a name back in the early years. We where just people who liked a good challenge and didn’t care too much about the “strangeness” of running around in the woods with wetsuits. But the spirit of teamwork, nature and of course really hard mental and physical challenges have appealed to many people these last years. The beautiful and sometimes harsh Stockholm Archipelago with its many Islands offers a perfect setting for a spectacular sport. Over the years I have done other swimrun races, but I have always found ÖtillÖ to be the original.

The ingredients for a swimrun should in my humble opinion include: A course from A to B, long and hard swims, technical trail running. Some waves to stir up things.  A good teammate and some epic nature. Swimrun have been a part of my life for almost ten years now. These past years have only consisted of a few swimruns every year to concentrate on the distant cousin: Triathlon.


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Åland Swimrun geting close.

On the 23 of september is the Åland Swimrun is held for the second time, and we on World of Swimrun is curius how the planing is going. What to expect and so forth. We found contact with the race directors Ia Colerius and Hubert von Frenckell.

Close to race now! Is the race course well market?

Yes, it´s getting closer. Well marked? At the moment only the supersprint course is marked but gradually we will start to mark the Short course. The Long- course will this year only be partially marked (at the start and in the end). Instead the Long- participants will get a map and find themselves a way from A, where they get up from the water to B, the start of the next swimming segment.The swimming segments for all three routes will be marked both at the decline into water (flag) and at the ascent from the water (buoys / signs)

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Lostwater Swimrun Orienteering – Your own way through nature

Imagine standing before a swimrun race not knowing exactly where and how far you will go. A few seconds to start and you lean forward, preparing to pick up the waterproof map placed on the ground, back up.  

That Swimrun Orienteering origins from Sweden is perhaps not so hard to imagine. Both Swimrun and Orienteering cultures are strong here. The Founder and Race Director Erik Froode is exited about the premiere.

“I really hope I can convey the joy and adventure when going your own way through nature, and it will be interesting to see what will happen when these two sports come together to form one”.

Swimrun Orienteering combines Swimrun and Foot Orienteering and will take you out on a boundless adventure where you as a team decide how to move from one checkpoint to another. One limitation is that you must use the designated water entry/exit points (WEPs). It is a safety precaution and also a way to control the amount of swimming. Besides that you are free to go your own way between checkpoints, both on land and in water. Checkpoint platforms has been designed and built where a standard orienteering checkpoint/marker pole is integrated.


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‘Roof of the World’ Regatta and Swimrun

Get stoked. A crazy swimrun adventure is in the pipe-line. The ROTW!

/The WoS Team

‘Roof of the World’ Regatta and Swimrun

Jackie and I have been travelling on the Pamir Highway for over 7 years and we have always felt a special affinity with the village of Karakul – the ‘last place in Tajikistan’. What makes Karakul special is the people and the location. The people (over 1000 in the community) are ethnic Kyrgyz and they live in their village without running water or an electricity supply through the mild summers (+20C) and freezing winters (-40C). The village lies on the edge of a huge meteorite impact crater filled with turquoise water (Lake Karakul – 380Km2) and surrounded by +7000m peaks (Lenin Peak – 7134m).

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