Lostwater Swimrun Orienteering – Your own way through nature

Imagine standing before a swimrun race not knowing exactly where and how far you will go. A few seconds to start and you lean forward, preparing to pick up the waterproof map placed on the ground, back up.  

That Swimrun Orienteering origins from Sweden is perhaps not so hard to imagine. Both Swimrun and Orienteering cultures are strong here. The Founder and Race Director Erik Froode is exited about the premiere.

“I really hope I can convey the joy and adventure when going your own way through nature, and it will be interesting to see what will happen when these two sports come together to form one”.

Swimrun Orienteering combines Swimrun and Foot Orienteering and will take you out on a boundless adventure where you as a team decide how to move from one checkpoint to another. One limitation is that you must use the designated water entry/exit points (WEPs). It is a safety precaution and also a way to control the amount of swimming. Besides that you are free to go your own way between checkpoints, both on land and in water. Checkpoint platforms has been designed and built where a standard orienteering checkpoint/marker pole is integrated.

“The platform development and also building the first three was fun. The last eight not as much”, Erik says and laughs.    

The Swimrun Orienteering Premiere is held close to Stockholm, in Nacka nature reserve and Erstavik 23rd of September. The first competition is called Original Loops as the courses consist of loops, all with start/end in race centre Hellasgården. The Endurance course has 4 loops, total distance of 20 km straight. The Action course has 2 loops, 7,3 km straight.     

Swimrun Orienteering is not all about physics. You need to be smart. Determine the best way for your team. Weigh swim distance against run distance and terrain. Erik finishes by adding

“If there would be a way to measure what team had most fun out there, I would use that for a separate prize ceremony

Check it out. It will be a blast for sure!

/The WoS Team

(P.S. Rumor has it that there will be a swimrun party afterwards, so you better check it out! 😀 )



The WoS ÖtillÖ Special – Your Complete Guide To The WC Race

It’s time! – The world championships of swimrun racing.

74.7 km racing on one of the toughest 1-day courses there is.

ÖtillÖ – The original!

We have all the info you need for the race, just scroll down and enjoy!

Swimrun was born in 2002 when 4 friends challenged each other to see who could get themselves first from Utö to Sandhamn island by only running and swimming. A couple of years later Erika Rosenbaum dubbed the sport swimrun, and it is defined as follows:

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Paddles in swimrun – How far can they be developed?

“To all whom it may concern:”

Robert Henry Wallace Dunlop wrote already in 1876 and little did he know that his letter to the US Patent Office would come to affect swimming from that moment on, up until today.

What Robert had invented was the heart-shaped swim paddle with accompanied swim fins. After years of field testing he felt confident that his hand-and-foot-plate invention would “help improve human locomotion in the water.”

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We are humbled!

When we finally launched WoS in early 2016, we really didn’t have any idea of what to expect. A group of people, enthusiasts with regular jobs, who together shared an interest in swimrun, took our internal discussion public, and started sharing our thoughts regarding the beautiful and lovely sport of swimrun.

We could never have imagined that so many of you would be interested in what we had to say about swimrun stuff. But we are really happy that you are, and as of today we have passed 1 million visits.

From the start we’ve written over 160 posts, together done over 50 races and adventures world-wide. We’ve kept evaluating gear and conducted the 1st ever international and independent swimrun equipment test in 2017. We keep pushing and debating swimrun and its development, help national swimrun societies to start, support race organisers and racers and through our world map and swimrun race calendar, give you everything you need to start racing.

Here are a couple of popular post over the year:

It is because of you that we keep going. All the interesting feedback we get from beginners to pro’s. Swimrun keep developing and we are all part of it.

Our door is always open and you are welcome to join!

By swimrunners – For swimrunners


The WoS Team

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Why cutting the wetsuit will give you a better running economy

The topic on cutting the wetsuit or not, is under constant debate. Especially now with all the new swimrun wetsuits hitting the market in 2017. Should you cut it and if so, what are the reasons for doing it? Read more about it further down.

Dont forget to check out our 2017 swimrun equipment test results:

(Just click on any of the links)

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This text will mainly focus on the running economy in swimrun, but everyone who runs should read it! Here you’ll learn a lot of things about your running efficiency, regardless if you like to run in rubber or not.

Approaching my debut in swimrun, having trained a lot of people running in various running contests, including several ÖtillÖ challengers and winners, I thought it’d be a good idea to try this myself. Especially since I give courses on how to best use the biomechanics to become the most energy efficient runner as possible in forests and on rocks. I put out a question on Facebook on whether I should cut or not, and most racers seemed to agree to cut the wetsuit above your knees, but failed to give any further explanation on the underlying reasons to do this, apart from the fact that it will become easier to run? As a nerd I decided to investigate this myself. Continue reading “Why cutting the wetsuit will give you a better running economy”