Swimrun Russia – Indepth talk with organisers


Swimrun is expandning, we are curious what the globe has to offer. On last years Ö till Ö i meet up with two swimrunners from russia. At utö värdshus they told me about there race in russia this upcoming summer. After some more letters between us i send some questions to Marina. Here are the result. 

Hello Marina, why a Swimrun Russia? Tell me about the background?

– Hello! History of SwimRun Russia began at 2015, when Dmitriy Egorov have got a qualification for ÖTILLÖ – the SwimRun World Championship – and decided to organize own competition near St-Petersburg. 02.08.2015 SwimRun Lake-to-Lake had start. Participants can choose one of three distances: SwimRun30, SwimRun15, SwimRun Fun. In the competition took part 50 teams on distances SwimRun30 and SwimRun15, 25 people swam and run in personal race SwimRunFun. Air temperature was 20-210С, water temperature – 17-180С. So, Swimrun history was in Russia was started. At July 2016 SwimRun Lake-to Lake had a second edition with longer distances and 300 participants in total. Atmosphere was great and we were happy, that a lot of people like a new sport – SwimRun! For summer 2017 we prepare new challenge: another place, longer distances, colder water, tough running. It will be new version – SwimRun Russia.

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What is the best shoe for swimrun?

Among the pieces of equipment essential to swimrun, the shoes are fundamental. It’s our contact with the ground, it is what we spend most time in, and it suffers the most shocks. It is therefore important to choose the ideal shoe for your training and your next race. The answer is actually quite simple: there is no ideal shoe. If you are seeking peremptory guru-style advice telling you what THE best shoe of the moment is, you can save time: stop reading this article, and go to magazines paid by brand x or y to brag about their product.

If you’re still reading, then let’s try to define a method to navigate the jungle of the running shoe market and the use of shoes in swimrun.

23368732555_2498015d72_zThe first criterion: your stride

Your shoes have to suit your stride, your running technique. This is by far the most important point. For example if you land on the heel, then you should not believe that a minimalist shoe without cushioning will suit you. On the contrary: you will risk getting injured. It doesn’t help to look at what some champion or friend (the two are not mutually exclusive!) uses if your running technique is completely different from that of your hero. We can of course change our technique, but this is another debate and a longer-term approach issue we’ll address another time. So analyse your current technique (not the one you dream of) and eliminate the shoes that are incompatible with your stride. Another point which can sometimes be important: your weight. Not everybody weighs 40 kg… Take this into account when choosing your shoe. It should be noted that manufacturers are making progress on cushioning and stability, with for example the introduction of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) foam. In summary, comfort, movement efficiency and injury prevention are far more important than fashion. Use the type of shoes you need for classic running before moving on to the other criteria.

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Why we swimrun and why you should too – The road to your inner self!

It’s you against the elements.

Many who swimrun for the first time find themselves in an intellectual and emotional conundrum.

– What just happened and why am I smiling?

Been there, done that! But why?

Countless of people have tried to put their finger on those feelings that arise and some have even had it on the tip of their tongue. But we still wait for that someone who will fully capture the beauty, and consequently the essence of swimrunning freely in nature. Now, some might actually be close to explaining this, but from a scientific perspective.

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Swimrun, development and doping – Where are we heading?

As some of you might have heard, last year the Norwegian cross-country skier Therese Johaug, considered the best in the world, got caught in a doping control.

What did she do?

In August 2017, she used a lip-cream bought and provided for by the Norwegian Ski Team’s doctor, to treat a sunburnt lip that she had gotten during high-altitude training in Italy. This is the official story and the doctor has taken full responsibility for the situation that resulted in a suggested 14-month suspension.

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