Over 260 races in the world and more are on their way – Plus de 260 courses prévues dans le monde


A while back we had some 200 races in the world and today we’re already passed 260. Every month more races are announced and this is awesome. We love it! L’an dernier, il y avait environ 200 courses dans le monde; aujourd’hui nous sommes déjà passés à 260. Chaque mois, plus de courses sont annoncées et c’est génial. Nous aimons ça! 


Swimrun keeps growing in many directions and on many levels. The 2017 season hasn’t even started but we can now look forward to races in 24 countries. Most races still take place in Sweden, but now the French, and their swimrun-scene, is the second largest swimrun country in the world. Swimrun continue de croître  dans de nombreuses directions et à de multiples niveaux. La saison 2017 n’a pas encore commencé mais nous pouvons déjà nous attendre à voir des courses dans 24 pays. La plupart des courses se déroulent toujours en Suède, mais maintenant les Français sont les seconds en nombre de swimrun.

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Swimrunners – The enthusiast of swimrunning, Part 1

In our ambition to promote the wonderful sport of swimrun around the world, we present some of the driving spirits behind this, the enthusiasts.

Today we talk to Maj-Britt Klok and Sören Engholm, Team Swimrunners-sport.com and founders of swimrunshop.com!


/The WoS Team

Nationalparkvadehavet, Søhøjlandet nær Randers,                 Foto: Thomas Olesen

Hi Maj-Britt and Sören and thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at Worldofswimrun.com

M & S: Hi and thanks for having us!

Now, tell us, who are Maj-Britt Klok and Sören Engholm, the swimrun-enthusiast we see coming to many of the swimrun races in Europe?

M & S: We are Swimrunners, Scandinavian and inventors. We are located in Randers in Denmark, and train in the nearby lakes and forest. We think swimrun 24/7, and we’re obsessed with the know-how of swimrun. We are dedicated to developing the next big thing, and we collaborate with an extended family of swimrunners-friends and coaches around the world to stay at the forefront of swimrun technology.

How did you, being from Denmark, end up swimrunning?

M & S: In 2012 we read about ÖtillÖ in the book ”The World’s Toughest Endurance Challenges”, and was immediately fascinated by swimrun. We just had to try this sport ourselves. We signed up for Utö swimrun, and since our first race we have been dedicated to our awesome sport.

In the beginning, how did you prepare for the races. We understand that Denmark is quite flat with few islands?

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Racereport: Rockman Ragnarök 2016

Me and Chris talk about this race since Hellas Frostbite in December when I meet him for the first time. He got a ticket but a sore teammate. I have always dreamed about this race. After the first year in 2013 the myth just got bigger. A real heavy Norwegian folklorish beast in my eyes. Loads of stories has flooded into my eyes though the years.


Anyway around late June we nailed the team and booked the tickets. Chris is a real globetrotter and a director for a massive gaming brand. Was the capten of the paperwork, and it was his team the was going to make a attempted to reach Florli within cut-of times and so on. I am in a pretty good shape and really a nerd of swimrun felt that this race has the myth and concept that I like. Me, Chris and Philip have been training since new years both swimining and quality training on Stockholm’s stadion. Back and forth, we are also the team behind Hellas Frostbite Swimrun in December.

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Yes, there is a group for this. On Facebook. And you can find it HERE.

It’s mostly second-hand stuff like wetsuits, shoes and so forth, but people also post ads for race tickets or partners from all over the world.

Get involved – Enjoy!

/The WoS Team

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Are swimrun goggles becoming obsolete?

GEARWe’ve all been there. The day before race-day sitting with our gear spread out on the floor thinking:

– Should i bring this or not. Is the water going to be cold? The sun is out, maybe I should take the shorty…

But one thing we rarely question is the goggles. Are they really necessary? Of course, they do serve a purpose, but while running they are just in the way. And while performing the ins and outs, they can become a real hassle. To tackle this some racers prefer transparent ones, keeping them on while running shorter stretches, but only a few swim without. Continue reading “Are swimrun goggles becoming obsolete?”