Racereport: Ö till Ö 2016 Team Sportextreme part 1.

Right after Rockman swimrun and my SAUC-days in august, I was in a good shape. I was dreaming of  racing in my fifth World Championship, after two years working on the race as a journalist in 2010 and 2011, and competing four years in row.

I could not believe my eyes then I was sitting on the boat out to Runmarö when I got a message that a team I know needed me. One guy suffered from borelia in early august. I was excited, thrilled and wanted to train as much as I could. Anyway, after weeks of talking and a training sessions, me and Jim were ready for the race. I had a little bit of to catch up to do in my running since I had been working a lot this summer, but the swimming was better than ever. After four races from Utö Swimrun in may to Rockman Swimrun in august, I was ready for the Mother tof all swimrun races. Ö till Ö.

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Racereport: Rockman Ragnarök 2016

Me and Chris talk about this race since Hellas Frostbite in December when I meet him for the first time. He got a ticket but a sore teammate. I have always dreamed about this race. After the first year in 2013 the myth just got bigger. A real heavy Norwegian folklorish beast in my eyes. Loads of stories has flooded into my eyes though the years.


Anyway around late June we nailed the team and booked the tickets. Chris is a real globetrotter and a director for a massive gaming brand. Was the capten of the paperwork, and it was his team the was going to make a attempted to reach Florli within cut-of times and so on. I am in a pretty good shape and really a nerd of swimrun felt that this race has the myth and concept that I like. Me, Chris and Philip have been training since new years both swimining and quality training on Stockholm’s stadion. Back and forth, we are also the team behind Hellas Frostbite Swimrun in December.

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Epilogue: Stockholm Archipelago Ultraswimrun Challenge (SAUC) – The adventure of a lifetime!

– Within us all lives an adventurer. You just have to let him out.

The seed for swimrun adventures was planted already in 2009 when I started to train for my first ÖtillÖ race. Not really knowing how to prepare for this new challenge, my partner and I did as the originals, swimrun-exploring the islands in and around our summer-house along the course.

Overlooking the ÖtillÖ course.
Overlooking the ÖtillÖ course.

These training explo’s grew longer and later transformed into regular ultraswimrun adventures.

The conquering of the archipelago had just begun.

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6 Days. 270 k.

1st ever finisher. Arholma-Landsort. The whole Stockholm Archipelago.

Day 6 - stage 6 : Nåttarö - Landsort.
Day 6 – stage 6 : Nåttarö – Landsort.

Day 6 started at Danziger gatt. A 14 k swim. I Started at  06:00. Only 2 m/s, head wind. A window of 4 hours before the wind picked up. Really cold. After reaching shore we had to seek shelter for me to get the heat going again. Took a long time.

Once  back on track I opened up strong and ran through the islands with lightning speed until my front left thigh gave up again. After that I had to fight for every meter. Especially when the wind picked up and went back to the normal 10 m/s.

How I hate being cold. And in the water.

The last couple of islands were just terrible. Up and and down. Crevasse type, with huge thorne bushes making them nearly impossible to pass. Cold and tired I reached Landsort lighthouse after 12 hours and 40k.



Below you’ll find the whole course.




A day of mood swings.

Felt soar from yesterdays mega grind. The body is tired now. I can feel it in the muscles. Daniel was happy, as always, and we got off to a good start. It’s really good to have a partner like that. Always cheerful and positive!

He kept on pushing and cheering and we had a good first 10 k run. Then after the first swim I was really cold and pushed on hard in the technical terrain, to get the heat back, but my body resisted and during a catastrophic jump I pulled a muscle in my front left thigh.

Snap and pop at the same time.

Realising the potential disaster I jumped and zombie-ran towards the next swim as fast as could, hoping that the really cold water would cool it off. The support boat had left us given the safety of the remaining swims, heading for Utö Gruvby, so I had to suffer a 4 k run before being able to propely treat the damage.

In the meantime, Daniel ran back and forth along the road, just to keep warm, but also to double-check on me.

At the boat I put on some gauze bandage and some cool gel. Grabbed a quick coffee and some energy. Didn’t want to sit still too long and started walking. Daniel caught up a couple of kilometres down the road and after that we started running again. Me zombie-running walking zombie-running walking. We kept on doing this for the remainder of the stage of the day. A real fight.

Since I couldn’t run I didn’t manage to get the heat going in my body so today was awful and I dreaded every cold swim.

Then we finally reached Nåttarö, later than expected. 41 k 8 hours. Now it’s all about mentally recharging and get some shut eye.

Big day tomorrow.


Day 5 - stage 5: Ornö - Nåttarö.
Day 5 – stage 5: Ornö – Nåttarö.

12.8 today. Colder in the strong currents in the bottleneck channels between the island.

Crazy to see the whole route on a map like this. In the local store at Nåttarö.