6 Days. 270 k.

1st ever finisher. Arholma-Landsort. The whole Stockholm Archipelago.

Day 6 - stage 6 : Nåttarö - Landsort.
Day 6 – stage 6 : Nåttarö – Landsort.

Day 6 started at Danziger gatt. A 14 k swim. I Started at  06:00. Only 2 m/s, head wind. A window of 4 hours before the wind picked up. Really cold. After reaching shore we had to seek shelter for me to get the heat going again. Took a long time.

Once  back on track I opened up strong and ran through the islands with lightning speed until my front left thigh gave up again. After that I had to fight for every meter. Especially when the wind picked up and went back to the normal 10 m/s.

How I hate being cold. And in the water.

The last couple of islands were just terrible. Up and and down. Crevasse type, with huge thorne bushes making them nearly impossible to pass. Cold and tired I reached Landsort lighthouse after 12 hours and 40k.



Below you’ll find the whole course.




A day of mood swings.

Felt soar from yesterdays mega grind. The body is tired now. I can feel it in the muscles. Daniel was happy, as always, and we got off to a good start. It’s really good to have a partner like that. Always cheerful and positive!

He kept on pushing and cheering and we had a good first 10 k run. Then after the first swim I was really cold and pushed on hard in the technical terrain, to get the heat back, but my body resisted and during a catastrophic jump I pulled a muscle in my front left thigh.

Snap and pop at the same time.

Realising the potential disaster I jumped and zombie-ran towards the next swim as fast as could, hoping that the really cold water would cool it off. The support boat had left us given the safety of the remaining swims, heading for Utö Gruvby, so I had to suffer a 4 k run before being able to propely treat the damage.

In the meantime, Daniel ran back and forth along the road, just to keep warm, but also to double-check on me.

At the boat I put on some gauze bandage and some cool gel. Grabbed a quick coffee and some energy. Didn’t want to sit still too long and started walking. Daniel caught up a couple of kilometres down the road and after that we started running again. Me zombie-running walking zombie-running walking. We kept on doing this for the remainder of the stage of the day. A real fight.

Since I couldn’t run I didn’t manage to get the heat going in my body so today was awful and I dreaded every cold swim.

Then we finally reached Nåttarö, later than expected. 41 k 8 hours. Now it’s all about mentally recharging and get some shut eye.

Big day tomorrow.


Day 5 - stage 5: Ornö - Nåttarö.
Day 5 – stage 5: Ornö – Nåttarö.

12.8 today. Colder in the strong currents in the bottleneck channels between the island.

Crazy to see the whole route on a map like this. In the local store at Nåttarö.


Felt strong this morning. Have grown up in the area and more or less know the route by heart. In addition, Daniel Becker, the man with the plan showed up. A super moral booster. Daniel is the mega-grinder you need. A real Diesel truck!

We were going  to have to fight for it today. 12 m/s South and 11-13 degrees in the water and when we approached the Pigswim, it was just brutal. After 3 days of hard wind the waves were just big and everywhere, all at the same time.

Rarely have I been so cold.

We kept grinding and made it down to Ornö Churh. 51 k today. 11 hours.


Tomorrow will be easier.

We Hope 🙂


Day 4 - stage 4: Runmarö - Ornö.
Day 4 – stage 4: Runmarö – Ornö.



Dodging waves!

What started off as an OK day quickly took a turn for the worst.

Forecasted 6 m /s winds suddenly became 8, then 12.

A steady 12. Head on.

Improvise, adapt and overcome became the name of the game. While running the first stretch I rerouted the plan and started island hopping. Avoiding the strong wind became a priority.

At the end I couldn’t avoid it more and decided to go straight on. And fight. I had the wind head on, and had up to 15 m/s in the squalls. Made me remember ötillö 2011. That was easier.

41 k. 10 hours. Now tired. Almost reached Möja.

Tomorrow. I keep grinding!


Day 2 - stage 2: Blidö - Möja.

Day 2 – stage 2: Blidö – Möja.





Love these little unmarked trails on no man’s islands.




What a day!

We started off at 06:00 from our overnight place and reached Båk lighthouse at Arholma at 08:30. A little bit later that anticipated. I have a slower but bigger support boat this year.

I decided to change the route because of the how the winds and currents were going to change during the day. More swim and less run. And since I had to start alone this year I put more focus on safety.

After having fiddled around with the gear during the first couple of ins and outs, me and support boat found a good rhythm and a clear way of communicating. The big boat can’t really protect me everywhere so I need to pay attention to which route I choose.

We had quite some traffic in the water and I had to wait a couple of times. The swims were long and quite cold. The runs pleasant and warm with a trillion flies. St One point a bunch of cows decided to block my way and I had to take a long detour. In total I think I landed on approximately 30 k run and 10 k swim.

Today’s leg Arholma – Blidö took around 7 hours in total. The winds came up to about 6 m/s and most of the day I swam with head or side wind. A bit soar in my shoulders and worries about my knee which is not working as I want it to. Need too keep an eye on it tomorrow.

Big thanks to Colting and Camaro wetsuits for helping out and also Victor at Trispot Sthlm for support with gear!

Now some R&R before hitting the bed. Tomorrow I aim for Husarö – Möja.

My day in pics


The start at Båk



Day 1 - stage 1: Arholma - Blidö.
Day 1 – stage 1: Arholma – Blidö.