The WoS ÖtillÖ Special – Your Complete Guide To The WC Race

It’s time! – The world championships of swimrun racing.

74.7 km racing on one of the toughest 1-day courses there is.

ÖtillÖ – The original!

We have all the info you need for the race, just scroll down and enjoy!

Swimrun was born in 2002 when 4 friends challenged each other to see who could get themselves first from Utö to Sandhamn island by only running and swimming. A couple of years later Erika Rosenbaum dubbed the sport swimrun, and it is defined as follows:

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Swimrun Poland is expanding!

Its really wonderful to see how Swimrun is taking off around the world. If you follow social media like Facebook or Instagram, the flow is currently flooded with pictures and movies of smiling people swimrunning in nature. We also hear about cool different types of races popping up, like swimrun orienteering, swimrun safari, swimrun adventures and so forth and soon we’ll probably start hearing about swimrun vacations. Because in the near future you’ll be able to swimrun basically all around the world. As long as there are no white sharks or pihranas

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Interview – Åland Swimrun a September challange

Why åland swimrun?
With an archipelago consisting of 6757 islands and a water area of 11990 square kilometers there could hardly be a more suitable location for arranging a unique swimrun- event. We ensure our participants an experience that will not soon be forgotten! Åland Swimrun shall from the start be “tough enough” – both for the experienced athlete but also for the curious exerciser.The longer distance (LONG) raced in couple is one of the most demanding courses in rough weather over really open water and harsh rockies on the northern sea! The shorter distance (SHORT) is a chance for everybody who does not want to run in couples but still get a challenge. Eventhough 15km might not sound challenging it is not a course made as a “walk in the park”. These are races for those convenient to swim in rough waters! The new distance for 2017, SUPERSPRINT, is perfect for those who wants to try the sport and maybe even bring the familys a little older kids!

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High-intensity interval training during the season – good or bad?

p1010901This is the question on many people’s mind. How should I train when the swimrun season kicks in?

Many are under the impression that the best way to stay fit and ‘race ready’, is to leave out the high-intensity training (HIT) sessions and do the bulk training at a slower pace. But is it the best way to stay at the current level and peak out, just before a race? HIT is more or less left for the pre-season type of training since it poses a greater risk of  injury, and many believe that you can’t get any faster anyway. Now research is helping us understand this differently. Throwing in a HIT-session in the middle of the season can actually be a good thing.

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Does the cooling effect in swimrun let you go longer and harder?

Why does it feel like you can swimrun forever? Well, sort of.

When running on that hard and long stage in the sun heating up in you wetsuit, many of us have experienced fighting with these nasty thoughts of giving up. Overheating can be really tough on your physical performance and also on your psyche. But then you hit the waterline, swim for a short distance and feel the cool water trickling down on the inside of the wetsuit, and all of a sudden you feel like a champion again.

But why?

After a longer swim you can feel really strong again, which probably has to do with the switch of discipline and the following recovery, i.e. when not using the same sets of muscles swimming as running. But scientific research seem to suggest that another reason behind this could be the cooling effect. Some studies suggest that the temperature of the water do play an important role in prolonging this sensation of being able to ‘swimrun forever’. Or at least to recover enough between the stages so that one can finish the much dreaded ÖtillÖ course.

Perhaps even the mega-260km-challenge SAUC!

Pic: Huffington Post

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