Why we swimrun and why you should too – The road to your inner self!

It’s you against the elements.

Many who swimrun for the first time find themselves in an intellectual and emotional conundrum.

– What just happened and why am I smiling?

Been there, done that! But why?

Countless of people have tried to put their finger on those feelings that arise and some have even had it on the tip of their tongue. But we still wait for that someone who will fully capture the beauty, and consequently the essence of swimrunning freely in nature. Now, some might actually be close to explaining this, but from a scientific perspective.

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NOT ALL GOES ACCORDING TO PLAN – Team Kattegatt goes to Norway

Not all goes according to plan.

This was the summer when we were supposed to swim the crossing of the Kattegatt strait. However, summer has passed and we have not yet crossed the Kattegatt. When we were preparing for this adventure, we knew that it would be difficult and that many aspects had to be just right in order for this to work. Not all was just right when we attempted.

The reasons for our failure were mainly two – water temperatures and wind. We made three attempts, the first time in beginning of July the water temperatures in the open ocean were still too low, only around 13 degrees. This made us reconsider and practice along the coastline in northern Bohuslän instead.

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Kattegatt Swimrun part one – It doesn’t have to be fun in order to be fun.

There is this thing with swimrun and adventures. Or better yet, crazy Swedes doing crazy things. They just keep spoiling us with new out-of-the-box swimrun adventures. The first gave us ÖtillÖ, the second, Stockholm Archipelago Ultraswimrun Challenge (SAUC), and lets not forget the one where 2 guys Rasmus and Simon did Sweden to Finland‪ addnatureöstersjösimmet‬, or Team Ultraswimrun who packed their gear and went bonanza in Lofoten last month. Next up is the amazing Swedish team Kattegatt Swimrun, and their Denmark to Sweden adventure challenge. Follow their preparations and journey here on WoS, a really cool swimrun adventure.

/The WoS Team

It is in the middle of the night. I wake up in a pouring cold sweat. I get up and drink some water to cool down. I look outside. There hangs the wetsuit, just the way it does almost every day. The dream (or the nightmare, hard to tell) is the same one I have had so many times before.
It always circles around the same thing. The big challenge, the hours and hours in the open sea that lie ahead of us. I have had this feeling many times before, before big races, before the Ironman, always the same. Only this time it is much scarier, because the challenge ahead is so much greater. As much as I fear it I dream of it, I cherish the feeling, I look forward to it.


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