The 1st ever international swimrun equipment test is underway!

Test preparations are underway, French style. We have so much gear to test and we love it!

This weekend, World of Swimrun (WoS), Swimrun France (SR-F) and Swimrun Germany (SR-G) conducts the 1st ever international swimrun equipment test. Join us live and ask questions or follow our updates on social media.

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Gravity Race 2016

Emmanuel Charpentier shares his experience of the Annecy Gravity race where he competed alongside Yves Louis. The race takes place in France around the lake d’Annecy. It’s a hilly race: 5km Swim – 34.5km Run with 2100m of ascent.

After 20 years of athletics (Track and Cross-country) and 10 years of triathlon (All distances), I found myself yearning for more authentic and natural courses more specific to my profile as a swim-runner. So, I decided in 2015 to try my hand at the Troll Enez Morbihan… It was love at first sight! I had found a new form of adventure in Swimrun.

On the Friday before the race, I meet up with Yves Louis, originally from Besancon, who is an experienced trail runner and triathlete of 2 years (He did 13hrs15 in Embrun in 2015). It’s raining and it’s hard to imagine that sunshine has been forecast for the day after next. We’re going to test out swimming roped together to decide whether to do it on race day. After a short time trying them out, we decide to go with the rope. We also discover that the water is not exactly what you would call warm. (14-15° with lows of 5° in the last 15 days).

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Triathlon Federation gets responsibility for swimrun in France

FFTRI-TYPO-NEWThe French have done it again! Often early adopters of new sports but also inventors of the word ‘bureaucratie’, the ‘Minister of city, youth and sport’ has given the delegation of the sport swimrun in France to the French Triathlon Federation (FFTri) until 2020 (Olympic cycle).

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Swimrun Riviera

It’s a hard work to prepare for the race 😉

The Riviera, Nice, Monaco. What do they evoke for you – sunbathing, relaxing, Formula 1, casinos, glamour? Well, now you can add swimrunning to the list :).

The first edition of the Riviera swimrun was an invitation-only affair, and I had the chance to team up with Mic O Matic from Swimrun Germany to form the team ‘Swimrun Europe’.

So there we were, early morning on a slightly windy April day. Everybody was getting ready, a bit of anxiety and nervous energy floating in the air. On the menu a point-to-point course going from Nice to Monaco, a gorgeous part of the world with beautiful villas and gardens. However, the programme was far from easy: 5.6km swimming and 20 km running. Continue reading “Swimrun Riviera”

Gravity Race

Gravity raceAnnecy in France is a lovely mountain town bordered by a lake and alpine summits. This will be the setting for a new race on 15th October 2016. With 6.6 km run, 34 km run and 1850 m of positive elevation, this will be a challenging race taking advantage of the crystal clear mountain lake and the tough but beautiful trails. A very nice addition to the fast growing swimrun scene in France. And it’s not finished … Continue reading “Gravity Race”