Hokey Cokey (UK, October 2015)

Cornwall is at the South-West tip of England. A rather isolated region, its coast is rugged and wild. It is best known for surfers, walkers on the coastal path, and its Cornish pastries. That’s where the first edition of the ‘Hokey Cokey’ took place in October 2015, a sprint swimrun of 12km. It is remarkable by the proportion of swim (4km) to run (8km). On paper it seems to be an easy race advantaging strong swimmers. However one should not underestimate the toughness of the run course despite its short distance. The famous coastal path serpentines up and down along the coast, going from beaches to the tops of numerous cliffs. This will not be easy. Another interesting feature of this race is that it as a solo effort. First solo swimrun for me. Continue reading “Hokey Cokey (UK, October 2015)”