Training and sex, or is it the other way around?

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Train as little as possible, or at least very short sessions to have more sex!

Pre-season is almost over and training focus will now shift from building strength and stamina towards improving overall speed, trying to hit the performance peak just before the next race.

Training with the aim to win, or to position oneself in the top-tier, comes with many benefits and some disadvantages. For many, this type of training focus helps structure general life, have positive impact on overall health, well-being and specifically on lower body weight, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, cardiovascular health and so on. This well-being is also interconnected to cognitive and mental health.

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High-intensity interval training during the season – good or bad?

p1010901This is the question on many people’s mind. How should I train when the swimrun season kicks in?

Many are under the impression that the best way to stay fit and ‘race ready’, is to leave out the high-intensity training (HIT) sessions and do the bulk training at a slower pace. But is it the best way to stay at the current level and peak out, just before a race? HIT is more or less left for the pre-season type of training since it poses a greater risk of  injury, and many believe that you can’t get any faster anyway. Now research is helping us understand this differently. Throwing in a HIT-session in the middle of the season can actually be a good thing.

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