NOT ALL GOES ACCORDING TO PLAN – Team Kattegatt goes to Norway

Not all goes according to plan.

This was the summer when we were supposed to swim the crossing of the Kattegatt strait. However, summer has passed and we have not yet crossed the Kattegatt. When we were preparing for this adventure, we knew that it would be difficult and that many aspects had to be just right in order for this to work. Not all was just right when we attempted.

The reasons for our failure were mainly two – water temperatures and wind. We made three attempts, the first time in beginning of July the water temperatures in the open ocean were still too low, only around 13 degrees. This made us reconsider and practice along the coastline in northern Bohuslän instead.

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Racereport: Rockman Ragnarök 2016

Me and Chris talk about this race since Hellas Frostbite in December when I meet him for the first time. He got a ticket but a sore teammate. I have always dreamed about this race. After the first year in 2013 the myth just got bigger. A real heavy Norwegian folklorish beast in my eyes. Loads of stories has flooded into my eyes though the years.


Anyway around late June we nailed the team and booked the tickets. Chris is a real globetrotter and a director for a massive gaming brand. Was the capten of the paperwork, and it was his team the was going to make a attempted to reach Florli within cut-of times and so on. I am in a pretty good shape and really a nerd of swimrun felt that this race has the myth and concept that I like. Me, Chris and Philip have been training since new years both swimining and quality training on Stockholm’s stadion. Back and forth, we are also the team behind Hellas Frostbite Swimrun in December.

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Worlds first ever swimrun adventure in Lofoten?

Are you tired of sitting down behind that desk? Are you looking for that top ten adventure to tick off on your bucket list?

Team Ultraswimrun, pioneers in the adventure and multi-day swimrun discipline, packed their wetsuits and took off for a long weekend in Lofoten, one of the most beautiful and scenic places Norway has to offer.

Over several days, Johanna, Anders and Fredrik from the team explored what Lofoten has to offer, swimrunning and trailrunning their way through this rough mountain-archipelago terrain. Having just returned from this epic adventure Johanna and Anders from the team had this to say: Continue reading “Worlds first ever swimrun adventure in Lofoten?”

Rockman 2015 (Norway July 2015)

We interviewed Anders Wallensten to discuss his race in Norway.

Hi Anders. You and Johanna come in fourth mixed on Rockman Swimrun in Norway in July, Congratulations!


We do short race reports go beyond the stats and give people a feeling for different races to help swim-runners pick races best suited for them. So to kick-off on this theme, how was the race? Can you describe it?

Well, the race was fantastic and demanding. The ascents, the rocky terrain and cold water made it different from the races I have done in Sweden. The scenery was magnificent. I truly love the Swedish archipelagos, but this was majestic in a different way. It was also well arranged and had a nice family feeling to it. The way it should be if you ask me. Some of the Swedish races are growing each year and risk losing that.

Rockman johanna&Anders

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