Racereport: Ö till Ö 2016 Team Sportextreme part 1.

Right after Rockman swimrun and my SAUC-days in august, I was in a good shape. I was dreaming of  racing in my fifth World Championship, after two years working on the race as a journalist in 2010 and 2011, and competing four years in row.

I could not believe my eyes then I was sitting on the boat out to Runmarö when I got a message that a team I know needed me. One guy suffered from borelia in early august. I was excited, thrilled and wanted to train as much as I could. Anyway, after weeks of talking and a training sessions, me and Jim were ready for the race. I had a little bit of to catch up to do in my running since I had been working a lot this summer, but the swimming was better than ever. After four races from Utö Swimrun in may to Rockman Swimrun in august, I was ready for the Mother tof all swimrun races. Ö till Ö.

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On September the 24th, Canada saw its 1st swimrun race take place. This sprint swimrun race, The Amphibious Challenge, located at the Ottawa river in Sheenboro, Quebec, stretched 15 km long with 12 km of running and 3 km of swimming. For Michelle Clarke, an experienced athlete with over 30 years of running under her belt, this was her first swimrun and after the race she wrote this great race report, enjoy!

/The WoS Team


Pic by Christine Donato

I was listening to the radio the other day, and a marketing group had asked a bunch of senior citizens what advice they would give to the young people. The top piece of advice was “when opportunity knocks, open the door.” That has always been the advice I’ve lived my life on. When the opportunity popped up to be one of the first people to take part in the very first SwimRun competition in Canada, I had to say yes and now I can say I’m a swimrunner.


Hell’s Hop 2016: A weaterh to remember

Mark Cohen is sharing with us his experience at the first edition of Hell’s Hop, a swimrun in the Hebrides off the north west coast of Scotland.

I registered for Hell’s Hop, then told my mate Alan Kennedy I had signed us up! The prospect of racing in Eriskay and Uist was very exciting. It’s wild and remote.

We realised how wild and remote as soon as we left Glasgow airport. The plane to Barra, lands on the beach, if the weather’s ok! We then caught the last ferry to Eriskay before the ferries were cancelled for the rest of the day due to the crazy wind and rain. Some competitors never made it to the start line as they couldn’t get to the island. Some arrived just in the nick of time on the morning of the race.

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Midnight Sun Swimrun Äkäslompolo 2016 – Race Report

It does not happen often – but this event left me lost for words. I will try anyway – but do not expect something objective here…

We arrived on our bikes (a decision that probably did not lead tot he fastest legs in the race :o) on Friday night around 7, when organiser Janne was just finishing the course marking in front oft he Lodge we’d booked ourselves into. He stopped, looked at us, smiled – and we almost felt like coming home. Just the mosquitoes prevented a longer ceremony… Getting into Lodge 67 N we felt as welcome and as much at home. What a start.
The next day was rest day. Sleep. Breakfast. Sleep. Lunch. Sleep. Early dinner. Race briefing right in front of our door. We got another warm welcome, some insights about the course and the precious advise to stop once in a while, turn around and take in a 360 degree view (we did that dance several times – and it was always well worth the time). After the briefing: some more sleep. And suddenly: RACETIME!

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Llanberis swimrun 2016 – Race Report

We interviewed François-Xavier Li from World of Swimrun and Swimrun France on his experience of the inaugural Llanberis swimrun race.

W: Hi Fix. You came in second in mixed, congratulations!

Fix: Thanks!

W: We do short race reports that go beyond the stats and give people a feeling for different races to help swim-runners pick races best suited for them. So to kick-off on this theme, how was the race? Can you describe it?

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